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Luke Rockhold’s Epic Response to BKFC Matchup With Mike Perry: ‘I Don’t Think This Kid Understands’

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Luke Rockhold was uncertain when Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship contacted him with an offer. After investigating it further, he realized that BKFC was offering him freedom.

The former UFC middleweight champion is set to fight in a bare-knuckle boxing match on April 29th against Mike Perry at the main event of BKFC 41. He’s not the only formerly UFC champion making his debut that night; Eddie Alvarez is too. When talking with MMA Fighting, Rockhold said he was only doing this fight and wouldn’t stop him if he decided to try other fights like ones in MMA or boxing.

I just got an offer I couldn’t turn down and I’m still free to make my own decisions. That’s what makes life so cool! BKFC offered me a one-time fight with Mike Perry as the main event, and it’s something amazing; he’s a little pooch! I’m excited about this opportunity because of how strange and new it is, plus there’s an element of danger in it which makes it fun. That’s the whole point of fighting and that’s why I love it.

“Fighting is special because it’s about true skill. You have to be smart to do it. This type of fighting isn’t a new thing, like what the younger people are used to. Most of us who did this when we were young started on the streets and now I’m bringing that back – making sure it’s as real as possible”.

Chris Rockhold is 38 years old and he has been very vocal about some of the bad things that the UFC company does. For example, he thinks they need to improve health care, pay fighters more money, and offer them less restrictive contracts. After losing a jostling match against Paulo Costa, Chris thought about retiring but changed his mind later on and asked the UFC for his release. This allowed him to look for different fights outside of what the UFC had to offer.

Rockhold used to be a champion fighter for organizations like the Strikeforce and UFC. When someone asked if he’d make more money from his upcoming BKFC fight than from the last one, he only smiled and chuckled. He said that this company takes really good care of its fighters and is willing to give them what they’re worth. Rockhold is happy to go train again!

Rockhold said he can look for other options in the world of combat sports. He is also excited because now, he has the chance to get sponsors all on his own – something he was not allowed to do when he was with the UFC from 2015 until now.

He thinks it’s great how BKFC gives him so much freedom, saying “You can actually do your own thing and be yourself, instead of being controlled like a slave!”.

I’m really excited to join forces with Bare Knuckle and give the fans what they truly deserve. By taking this step, I have broke free from feeling like a slave and instead am fighting for my own value, which helps to bring out the best in me as a fighter.

Lots of famous athletes from combat sports like the UFC have tried their hand at bare-knuckle boxing. Some, such as Perry, Paige VanZant, Ben Rothwell and Paulie Malignaggi have done fairly well while even former champions like Austin Trout gave it a shot.

On April 29th, it’ll be Luke Rockhold’s turn to give bare-knuckle boxing a try – and he can’t wait!

Luke Rockhold said that he’s been doing fighting for 20 years now and his hands have always been really strong. He says he’ll keep strengthening them so they can stay strong for the next 10 to 15 years.

My body can’t take the wrestling anymore, so I’ve started doing boxing for fun and excitement. It’s a bit different than bare knuckle boxing since I’m still trying to understand it.

Rockhold said he will use his good clinch work and long size to his advantage. He thinks the kid, Perry, doesn’t know how hard Rockhold hits because the game is different now. Regardless, Rockhold believes in his own abilities and trusts he can find success with them.

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