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Logan Paul Doubles Down on Conor McGregor Wager: “I’ll Put Down $2 Million I Take Dillon Danis”

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Logan Paul is relentless in his quest to get Conor McGregor’s attention.

The internet sensation who transitioned into boxing has found himself indirectly linked to McGregor due to the latter’s involvement in coaching Dillon Danis, Paul’s opponent in the upcoming Oct. 14 clash. Eager to showcase his confidence, Paul had earlier thrown down the gauntlet, proposing a $1 million bet with McGregor concerning the fight’s outcome. However, McGregor has remained conspicuously silent, much to the chagrin of the 28-year-old who also has WWE credits under his belt.

“Honestly, McGregor’s silence is a letdown. I grew up admiring the guy,” Paul voiced his sentiment on Andrew Schultz’s Flagrant podcast. “When he faced off against Floyd Mayweather, that was like the Super Bowl of sports for me. I was hyped. Now that our lives have intersected in this weird, indirect way—I mean, he’s coaching the guy I’m going to fight—it’s like he’s turned into a ghost. He’s lost my respect, not just for his personal issues, but also for how he’s all talk and no game.”

Paul didn’t mince words when discussing his upcoming opponent and McGregor’s protégé, Danis. “Dillon Danis is nothing short of a villain. Jake called him ‘evil,’ and you know what, that’s spot-on. He’s a morally corrupt individual. Heaven or Hell, who knows if they exist, but if there’s a hell, Danis definitely has a VIP ticket,” Paul stated. “It makes perfect sense that he’s buddies with McGregor. So, I laid down a challenge. A million bucks says I beat your guy, and what do I hear? Crickets.”

Paul and Danis are set to go toe-to-toe in an eight-round boxing showdown, serving as the appetizer for the main event between KSI and Fury at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. While Paul is yet to secure a win in professional boxing—having lost a close decision to KSI in 2019 and managing to go the distance with Floyd Mayweather in a 2021 unscored exhibition—Danis has never boxed professionally. He does, however, boast a 2-0 record in MMA under the Bellator banner and is a certified black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

When it comes to McGregor’s deafening silence, Paul recounted an unreleased promotional video in which he questioned Danis about it. “He was as clueless as a deer caught in headlights. No answers,” Paul revealed.

In a latest twist, Paul is doubling down on his gamble with McGregor. “Hey, Conor, listen up. Let’s make this even more riveting. $2 million. How about that? I bet $2 million that I’ll floor Dillon Danis. You’re his mentor, he’s going to be prepped, right? Prove it. Both of you are all hype, zero substance. I’ll send over the contract ASAP. Don’t hold your breath for a response, though,” Paul taunted.

On being queried why McGregor might be evading his bet, Paul had a straightforward response. “Because he’s aware of the inevitable,” he said. “What’s Dillon’s boxing cred? None. He got a win in Bellator by a toehold, for crying out loud. Who even does that? Just grabs a toe and calls it a day?”

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