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Larissa Pacheco: ‘I want to be involved’ with PFL super fight division, ‘at peace’ if she never fights Kayla Harrison again

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Larissa Pacheco is on the brink of history, needing only two more victories to become the first ever PFL fighter to win titles in two different weight classes. Her ambitions don’t stop there, as she’s setting her sights on the PFL’s new super fight division that is launching in 2024.

Once a PFL lightweight champion, Pacheco now competes in the featherweight division that began in 2023, where she is highly favored to take the 145-pound title and the accompanying $1 million prize. Currently in her third consecutive PFL season, Pacheco has not ruled out a fourth, but her focus is on the upcoming super fight division.

In an interview with MMA Hook, Pacheco shared her enthusiasm for the super fight category, citing the allure of battling larger opponents and securing bigger payouts. The prospect of adding to her legacy is also of great significance to her career.

PFL’s pay-per-view events around these super fights include notables like former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and social media influencer turned boxer Jake Paul, who is preparing to enter the MMA arena.

Pacheco appreciates the chance to win big in the PFL season but acknowledges the physical and mental toll it takes. Ideally, she wants to participate in the PFL super fights, aiming to reinforce her standing as one of the world’s top fighters.

With a focus on her legacy, Pacheco’s vision is clear: she aspires to be remembered as a stellar MMA fighter. She wants to understand the value of her hard work, with her current goal being the first double champion in PFL.

After upsetting two-time PFL champion Kayla Harrison in 2022, Pacheco avenged two previous losses and seemed to pave the way for a fourth fight. However, this plan has unraveled, with Pacheco moving to featherweight and Harrison waiting to fight again. Harrison’s contract with PFL expires at year-end, and she may move on in 2024. Pacheco has accepted this possibility, stating her peace with moving on if a fourth fight doesn’t happen.

Another intriguing potential match for Pacheco is against Bellator featherweight champion Cris Cyborg. Although Cyborg’s recent deal with Paramount-owned Bellator has dashed immediate hopes, rumors of PFL partnering with or buying Bellator could revive this possibility. Pacheco is excited about the chance to fight Cyborg, considering it a remarkable opportunity for her career and a significant fight for Brazil, as she views herself as part of a new generation taking on a legend like Cyborg from the previous era.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Larissa Pacheco

What is Larissa Pacheco’s main goal in the PFL?

Larissa Pacheco’s main goal is to make history as the first fighter to claim titles in two different weight classes in the PFL, and she’s also interested in the new super fight division launching in 2024. She’s focused on building a significant legacy in the sport.

Who are some notable figures in PFL’s upcoming super fight events?

Notable figures include ex-UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and social influencer turned boxer Jake Paul, both of whom will be part of the events surrounding the PFL’s super fights.

What are Larissa Pacheco’s thoughts on fighting Kayla Harrison again?

Pacheco has expressed that she’s at peace if a fourth fight with Kayla Harrison never happens. Though she would welcome the fight, she understands that it may not come to pass and is ready to move on to other opportunities.

Is Pacheco considering fighting Cris Cyborg?

Yes, Pacheco has expressed a strong interest in fighting reigning Bellator featherweight champion Cris Cyborg. Although Cyborg has signed a deal with Bellator, rumors persist that PFL might partner with or buy Bellator, making the fight a possibility, and Pacheco would love that opportunity.

How does Pacheco feel about her career and legacy?

Pacheco is intensely focused on her legacy, aiming to create one that reflects her as a truly great MMA fighter. She sees the potential for becoming PFL’s first double champion and participating in super fights as key opportunities to enhance her career and legacy.

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