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Larissa Pacheco Anticipates Another Showdown with Kayla Harrison in a PFL PPV Event Featuring Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul

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Larissa Pacheco rematch

After defeating Kayla Harrison in the 2022 PFL lightweight tournament finale, Larissa Pacheco is open to the possibility of a rematch given the right conditions. Harrison has not competed since their clash.

Having triumphed over Julia Budd in April 2023 after switching to the featherweight category, Pacheco shared on MMA Hook’s Trocação Franca podcast that she is receptive to a fourth encounter with Harrison in the forthcoming PFL pay-per-view event.

Pacheco and Harrison were the stars of the final PFL card of 2022, a pay-per-view event that Pacheco proclaimed a hit. She believes that the PFL’s PPV in the next year could achieve greater success, especially with the first appearances of Francis Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, and Jake Paul, a YouTuber-turned-boxer who holds a stake in PFL.

“They attract a massive crowd because of their fame,” Pacheco commented. “We’re aware of the significant gap that still exists between women’s and men’s MMA. This would be a tremendous opportunity to raise the profile of women’s MMA and highlight that women are just as capable and strong as men.”

While the PFL has not disclosed the number of PPVs sold in November, Pacheco hinted at the numbers surpassing expectations. Although she received no additional payment based on the PPV sales and was not informed about the number of purchases, Pacheco believes she deserves equal compensation as Harrison, given her victory over the two-time Olympic gold medalist.

Pacheco remarked, “We proved that we can flawlessly lead the event. It was a spectacular fight. I still look back on that fight with amazement. I believe we could deliver an even more impressive fight now as we are better prepared. I’m open to it.”

Up next for Pacheco is the co-main event of Friday’s PFL 5 against Amber Leibrock, where she aims to extend her winning streak to eight and secure a place in the featherweight playoffs. While she acknowledges Leibrock as a formidable opponent, Pacheco views herself as the current top contender in the PFL.

“Following my fight with Kayla, I realized defeating her would turn me into the target everyone else is chasing in this season,” Pacheco stated. “I took no time off after the Kayla fight. I knew I would be under the spotlight. I cannot afford to underestimate any opponent, despite having triumphed over an exceptional athlete like Kayla. I’m prepared and eager to reclaim the championship.”

“I believe I have an edge over [Leibrock],” she continued. “I’m more seasoned, and I consider my game to be more rounded compared to her more restricted one. However, with her two arms and two legs, she poses a constant threat. But I’m ready for anything.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Larissa Pacheco rematch

Who did Larissa Pacheco recently express interest in fighting again?

Larissa Pacheco recently expressed interest in having another bout with Kayla Harrison, making it the fourth fight between the two in the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

What significant event does Larissa Pacheco anticipate in the PFL?

Larissa Pacheco anticipates the promotional debut of former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul in the PFL’s next pay-per-view event.

Who is Larissa Pacheco’s next opponent?

Larissa Pacheco’s next opponent is Amber Leibrock, in the co-main event of Friday’s PFL 5. Pacheco is aiming to extend her winning streak and secure a spot in the featherweight playoffs.

What is Larissa Pacheco’s perspective on pay disparity in MMA?

Larissa Pacheco believes that there is still a significant disparity between men’s and women’s MMA. She feels that high-profile events, such as the upcoming PFL pay-per-view featuring Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul, could help to bridge this gap and popularize women’s MMA.

What is Larissa Pacheco’s current winning streak?

As of the time this text was written, Larissa Pacheco’s current winning streak stands at seven. She aims to extend this to eight in her upcoming fight with Amber Leibrock.

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