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Knockout of the Night! Juscelino Pantoja’s Wild KO Ends in Injury

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Hi everyone – this is the newest Missed Fists, where we look at interesting fights that are often missed as there seems to be an MMA event almost every other day!

Before, Johnny Walker wasn’t successful in fighting. But recently, he put on some great performances which made people view him as a good light heavyweight contender. This makes it hard to remember that not long ago, he injured himself while doing the worm to celebrate a win!

Recently, Juscelino Pantoja, a Brazilian fighter had a moment of incredible pain right after he got an amazing knock-out. We should thank @Barrelelapierna and also @Grabaka_Hitman because they’re the ones who provide us with awesome KOs and submissions all the time. Please show your support by giving them a follow or even helping them out on Patreon!

“Pantoja Embraces Pain and Triumphs Over Adversity”

At Shooto Brasil 116, which you can watch on UFC Fight Pass, Pantoja and Santos had a quick but intense fight in Rio de Janeiro. Pantoja was able to knock Santos down multiple times with punches before finally delivering the knockout punch that ended it all.

Right after he took a punch, Pantoja grabbed his left shoulder and it was obvious something wasn’t good. If you watch the video again, you’ll see that something is wrong with his left side, and it only got worse as their fight intensified. Despite all of this, Pantoja still lifted both of his hands to celebrate… But then instantly thought twice about it.

Pantoja wrote about the battle later on Instagram and said he didn’t feel 100 percent before it happened.

It has not been an easy or straightforward journey for me to get here. I had injured my shoulder, and so I had to keep pushing through the pain in order to make sure that I can still train everyday. Then, a week before the fight, I got a virus infection which left me in bed. But despite these obstacles, I stayed focused and determined and am now able to celebrate this win – your win.

Pantoja won his fifth match, and we should make sure he has time to rest before his next fight.

Brand’s Amazing Knockout Fails

Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat promotion held their ninth show and it featured something really cool: a knockout that was done in a very amusing way. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out quite like Billy Brand expected!

Brand had an issue the first time he tried to end the match – he almost ran into the referee, Frank Trigg. On his second attempt, he was hesitant because of what happened before but it worked out better.

At some points in the fight, Bernal was clearly not doing well. However, Trigg remembers his own experience with being knocked out during fights and so he allowed Bernal to go on fighting until it was obviously time for him to stop.

“Never Again

Take a look at this example from the German MMA Championship. Pretty intense right? It’s so scary!

Muhammed Ali Baldede might have thought that the fight was over because a clapper sounded for 10 seconds, or he could have been too exhausted to block a punch. Either way, it is unusual to see someone take a hit without their arms up in defense. This kind of thing should never happen again and hopefully won’t.

“Keisuke Sasu Delivers Knockout Elbow, Shohei Nose’s Twist Even Worse!”

Keisuke Sasu gave us an amazing knockout at a Shooto event this week. He delivered an elbow right into the side of Tateo Iida’s head and he was so surprised by how well it worked that he hit him with some follow-up shots afterwards.

On the other hand, Shohei Nose did something even worse. He twisted Takumi Arai’s arm in a way that looked very painful!

It would be better if you bump my head than anything else.

“Winning and Spinning

At a Wu Lin Feng event in Hunan, China, Biekenuer Zhahaer won his fourth fight in a row with an impressive submission move called the twister on Zhu Wancai. It looked like he had planned it and he was enjoying himself. Range Tedan also enjoyed himself while knocking out Tao Hu. People often talk about show how to spin and win (referencing Sasu, Keisuke), but we don’t give enough love to winning and spinning too.

Alisalam Mamedov and Ibrahim Al-Faqih Hassan

Let’s take a vote about the best buggy choke move this past weekend. Alisalam Mamedov did it in Cage Wars 57 at Schenectady, N.Y., and Ibrahim Al-Faqih Hassan did it in UAE Warriors events – both probably looked like they were going to win! The losing fighter didn’t seem scared; it seemed like they accepted what had just happened. There are 56 total votes now so let’s vote quickly!

“Lightning-Quick Knockouts at the UAE Warriors Weekend!”

At UAE Warriors’ weekend, we saw 2 amazing knockouts happen with lightning fast speed. Wilson Varela made it past the finish line just in 20 seconds, and Mahmoud Atef did a much better job in almost half that time, finishing at 15 seconds! This weekend was awesome and features some great Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

If you want to watch what happened in the UAE Warriors event, check out UFC Fight Pass. Oh, and if you missed it, there was a fighter who got confused and tried to start a fight with the referee after he got knocked out!

“Gustavo Gabriel delivers a sore-inducing Knockout at Supreme Fight Night3!”

Gustavo Gabriel had a really tough time about 4 years ago, however if luck is on his side, this powerful kick he did during the Supreme Fight Night3 in Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico will help him become part of the UFC. This kick was so powerful it made his opponent’s face smashes into the ground!

You can watch the video of this fight for free on YouTube.

Andi Vrtacic’s Lands Spectacular Knockout of Mateusz Janur!

This week, I picked my favorite “Humpty Dumpty Fall of the Week” – Andi Vrtacic’s knockout of Mateusz Janur. In this clip, Mateusz is kind of in a falling motion for most of it until his body finally understands that he needs to go down and then this bout ends.

A Vicious Elbow Strike Leaves Avila Knocked Out Cold at Ragnarok Combate 5!

Christopher Ewert and Luis Avila from Ragnarok Combate 5 in Chile are our second-place runners-up (you can watch their fight on YouTube!). In the video, we see Ewert’s elbow fly towards Avila’s chin, sending him off to dreamland. He then punches Avila one more time as he falls to the ground 45-degree angle.

“Don’t Miss the Fists

At Imortal Fighting Championship, we saw Willian Rafael win with a powerful kick to Matheus Riquelme. However, the referee wasn’t paying much attention and took too long to stop him from punching further. Hopefully the ref will be more alert next time. The whole event is free on YouTube!

If you heard about a fight or something else that happened but was not noticed, or if there’s someone who you think deserves promotion, then let us know by tweeting @AlexanderKLee and using the hashtag #MissedFists.

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