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Kiefer Crosbie, Conor McGregor’s ally, double knocks down Aaron Chalmers to secure decision win in Kingpyn Boxing

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Kiefer Crosbie Boxing Victory

This past Saturday, Dublin hosted a boxing duel between former Bellator contenders, Kiefer Crosbie and Aaron Chalmers.

Crosbie, known for his affiliation with UFC luminary Conor McGregor, emerged victorious from the spotlight clash of the evening at the Kingpyn Boxing event held at 3Arena.

Chalmers and Crosbie put on arguably the most skillful boxing exhibition of the event, displaying sound footwork, astute head movement, and formidable boxing knowledge. Both combatants scored heavy hits in the initial round, with Crosbie managing to shake Chalmers more than once.

The third round saw both fighters exchanging powerful uppercuts up close as the pace started to decline — Crosbie seeming the less fatigued of the pair.

In the opening seconds of the fourth round, Crosbie caught Chalmers off-guard, leading to a swift knockdown. As Chalmers regained his footing, Crosbie’s relentless assault resulted in a second scored knockdown. Chalmers, despite being dropped twice, continued to throw punches. Crosbie, however, kept his cool, meticulously choosing his punches, appearing to be one solid blow away from closing the match. Chalmers managed to weather the storm and reach the beginning of the last round.

In the concluding round, Crosbie grew more confident, interacting with spectators before landing a strong jab and teasing Chalmers intermittently. They squared off close up for short but intense exchanges — these encounters were brief due to clinching. The final half-minute saw both competitors successfully landing combinations before letting loose in the last moments of the match.

The judges were nearly unanimous, with two scoring the bout as a clear win for Crosbie, and the third giving it a 48-45 score in favor of the winner.

Post-victory, Crosbie didn’t hesitate to challenge Tommy Fury for an upcoming face-off inside the boxing ring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kiefer Crosbie Boxing Victory

Who won the boxing match between Kiefer Crosbie and Aaron Chalmers?

Kiefer Crosbie, a teammate of Conor McGregor, emerged victorious in the boxing match against Aaron Chalmers.

Where and when was the boxing match held?

The match was part of the Kingpyn Boxing event and took place at the 3Arena in Dublin, on a Saturday in July 2023.

How did Crosbie achieve the win over Chalmers?

Kiefer Crosbie dominated Aaron Chalmers by scoring two knockdowns during the match and maintaining a higher level of stamina and boxing prowess. He was awarded a decision win by the judges.

How did the judges score the bout?

Two of the judges scored the bout as a clear win for Crosbie, while the third judge scored it 48-45 in favor of Crosbie.

Who did Crosbie call out after his win over Chalmers?

After his win over Aaron Chalmers, Kiefer Crosbie called out Tommy Fury for a future boxing match.

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DublinRocks July 16, 2023 - 11:40 am

The event at 3Arena was lit! Crosbie reppin Dublin with that big win, what a night, what a fight!

FurySupporter July 16, 2023 - 12:46 pm

Crosbie calling out Fury, huh? Bit too optimistic there, mate! But let’s see how it turns out. Could be a good fight.

BoxingNewbie July 16, 2023 - 7:38 pm

man, this was my first live boxing event, and I gotta say – it was intense! Crosbie’s control of the match was somethin else. Can’t wait to see him take on Fury.

McGregorFan July 16, 2023 - 9:08 pm

McGregor’s team is just as fierce as him. Crosbie’s double knockdown was pure class. Lookin forward to more of his fights.


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