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Kickboxer Ulric Bokeme Suffers Severe Dental Injury during GLORY Collision 5 Bout

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GLORY kickboxer Ulric Bokeme experienced a nightmarish turn of events during his recent bout. Competing against Michael Boahpeah in a middleweight match at GLORY Collision 5 on Saturday, Bokeme encountered a devastating incident early in the first round. Following a seemingly routine exchange, Bokeme gestured to the referee, alerting him to an issue with his mouthguard. Unfortunately, his concerns were valid as his mouthguard dislodged, causing his front teeth to be forcefully knocked out. The referee promptly halted the contest, ending it at a mere 2 minutes and 8 seconds into the first round.

Witness the distressing moment captured below, which includes a close-up of Bokeme’s teeth on the GLORY canvas.

However, the disturbing scene did not conclude there. Bokeme revealed to his corner that, in addition to losing his teeth onto the canvas, he had inadvertently swallowed a few during the incident.

This incident marks the second prominent occurrence of a mouthguard malfunction in recent months. Luke Rockhold endured a similar fate in his fight against Mike Perry at BKFC 41 in late April.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about dental injury

Q: What happened to Ulric Bokeme during his fight at GLORY Collision 5?

A: During his middleweight bout at GLORY Collision 5, Ulric Bokeme experienced a severe dental injury. His front teeth were forcefully knocked out after his mouthguard fell out, leading to the referee ending the fight in the first round.

Q: Did Ulric Bokeme swallow his teeth during the incident?

A: Yes, according to Bokeme, he not only lost his teeth onto the canvas but also accidentally swallowed a few during the dental injury.

Q: Are mouthguard failures common in kickboxing matches?

A: While not extremely common, mouthguard failures have been known to occur in combat sports like kickboxing. This incident involving Bokeme is the second notable case within a few months, with another occurrence happening to Luke Rockhold in a different fight.

Q: How long did the fight last before it was stopped?

A: The fight between Ulric Bokeme and Michael Boahpeah at GLORY Collision 5 was stopped by the referee at just 2 minutes and 8 seconds into the first round due to the dental injury suffered by Bokeme.

Q: What other fights or events were part of GLORY Collision 5?

A: The details of other fights or events that took place during GLORY Collision 5 are not mentioned in the provided text.

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