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Kevin Lee excited for return, but bemoans octagon return at UFC APEX: ‘It’s kind of stupid’

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Kevin Lee eagerly anticipates his return to the octagon, aiming to prove his prowess as a welterweight contender. During a media day for his upcoming UFC Vegas 76 fight against Rinat Fakhretdinov, Lee expressed his frustration with the choice of venue, the UFC APEX.

Reflecting on the past three years, Lee acknowledged the need for personal growth and a suitable fight to showcase his abilities. He aspires to put an end to Fakhretdinov’s impressive 16-fight winning streak. However, the location of the fight left him dissatisfied.

Sparing no honesty, Lee admitted, “I must confess… I wish there were more fans present. The decision to hold it at the APEX seems somewhat nonsensical. I’m not sure what we’re trying to accomplish here.”

Lee questioned whether the message about the pandemic’s conclusion reached everyone or if they missed the memo. He believed it was time to move forward and embrace larger crowds. However, the UFC’s choice stemmed from the financial advantages of hosting events at the APEX, which contributed significantly to the promotion’s success.

While acknowledging the monetary benefits, Lee reiterated his discontent, stating, “I understand there’s money involved, but it still feels foolish. The energy completely changes when thousands of people are cheering. It’s an entirely different experience. That’s why, when I face Charles Oliveira again, it will be an unparalleled sensation.”

In his previous APEX encounter, Lee suffered a defeat against Daniel Rodriguez, a prelude to his departure from the UFC. He yearns for a more favorable outcome this time, especially as he headlines the ESPN-televised prelims on Saturday night.

Expressing his desire for a larger audience, Lee acknowledged the reality but vowed to make the most of the situation. He plans to enter the octagon on Saturday before the limited crowd of 200 to 300 passionate fans who relish the sight of his blood, giving his all in the process.

You can watch Kevin Lee’s complete interview below, courtesy of The Mac Life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC APEX

Q: Why does Kevin Lee criticize the choice of venue for his upcoming fight?

A: Kevin Lee criticizes the choice of venue, UFC APEX, because he wishes there were more fans present. He believes that fighting in front of thousands of people creates a different energy and feeling compared to a smaller crowd at the APEX.

Q: What is the reason behind holding UFC events at the APEX?

A: The UFC chose to hold events at the APEX primarily for cost savings and the convenience of a TV-ready venue. This decision has contributed to the promotion’s financial success and helped it restart live events faster than other sports leagues.

Q: How did Kevin Lee perform in his previous APEX experience?

A: In his previous APEX fight, Kevin Lee lost a decision against Daniel Rodriguez. This loss was followed by his release from the UFC in November 2021.

Q: Why does Kevin Lee mention wanting a rematch with Charles Oliveira?

A: Kevin Lee mentions wanting a rematch with Charles Oliveira because he believes it would evoke a different feeling. Fighting in front of a larger audience creates a unique energy, and Lee wants to experience that in a rematch with Oliveira.

Q: What are the expectations for Kevin Lee’s upcoming fight at UFC Vegas 76?

A: Kevin Lee aims to prove his skills as a welterweight contender in his upcoming fight against Rinat Fakhretdinov. He hopes to halt Fakhretdinov’s 16-fight winning streak and achieve a more favorable outcome compared to his previous APEX fight.

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