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Kayla Harrison was convinced Cris Cyborg fight would happen but now she’s ‘come to terms’ she may not compete in 2023

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Kayla Harrison had been very confident that her much-desired fight against Cris Cyborg would materialize. However, she has now come to accept the possibility that she might not have the chance to compete in 2023.

Harrison’s eagerness to fight is clear, but her time is running out if she intends to step into the ring before the year’s end. The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is about to launch its 2023 playoffs in August, with only one more event left for the finals, likely scheduled for November. Harrison is currently in limbo, awaiting confirmation whether she will secure a spot in the year-end event.

She acknowledges her unfortunate timing in the world of MMA, particularly after her first professional loss to Larissa Pacheco in November. Harrison acknowledges that she’s not in control of the situation and has learned to be patient, which isn’t easy for her as she’s not naturally patient.

Harrison had been hopeful about facing Cris Cyborg, a matchup she’s been pursuing for a while, especially when Cyborg became a free agent. Yet, Cyborg chose to renew her contract with Bellator MMA, dashing any immediate hopes of Harrison competing against her in 2023.

Despite the disappointment, Harrison holds no resentment toward the PFL. She feels a bit disheartened by the treatment she received after her loss, realizing that the dynamics changed for the promotion. She understands it’s a business and holds no grudge. She emphasizes that she’s a fighter first and remains authentic in her approach.

With the Cyborg fight now unlikely and Pacheco committed to the 2023 PFL season, Harrison is gradually accepting the reality that she might not compete this year. She acknowledges the value of time, especially at 33, where her athletic prime might be fleeting. She accepts that she can’t control everything and believes that when the time is right, she’ll fight again.

Harrison realizes that her options for opponents are limited, putting her in a state of uncertainty. She hopes the PFL will include her in the year-end card, staying prepared despite no offers on the table at present.

Despite the uncertain circumstances, Harrison maintains her dedication to MMA. She reflects on her journey, considering if she should have entered MMA earlier but maintains that everything happens for a reason. Regardless of the outcome, she remains committed to her goals and is willing to do whatever it takes to be the best version of herself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Combat Sports Ambitions

What is the main focus of Kayla Harrison’s situation in this text?

The main focus is on Kayla Harrison’s desire to compete in MMA, particularly her pursuit of a fight with Cris Cyborg, her patience in waiting for opportunities, and her dedication to the sport.

How has Kayla Harrison’s MMA journey been recently?

Kayla Harrison experienced setbacks, including her first professional loss and uncertain timing for fights, creating a challenging situation for her.

Why did the possibility of the fight with Cris Cyborg diminish?

Cris Cyborg chose to renew her contract with Bellator MMA, preventing the anticipated fight with Kayla Harrison in the near future.

How does Kayla Harrison feel about the Professional Fighters League (PFL)?

Kayla Harrison expresses understanding and no resentment towards the PFL, acknowledging that MMA is a business and her situation changed after her loss.

Is Kayla Harrison prepared to wait for her next fight?

Yes, Kayla Harrison has embraced the need for patience and acknowledges that she’s not in control of all aspects of her fighting career.

What is Kayla Harrison’s perspective on time and her career?

Kayla Harrison values time as she’s at a crucial stage in her athletic career, understanding that her prime won’t last forever and accepting that certain things are beyond her control.

How does Kayla Harrison view her dedication to MMA?

Kayla Harrison remains committed to MMA and her goals, highlighting her unwavering dedication and willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.

What emotions does Kayla Harrison express regarding her situation?

Kayla Harrison experiences a mix of disappointment, uncertainty, and determination in her current circumstances, but she maintains a positive outlook on her future in MMA.

How does Kayla Harrison describe her relationship with the PFL?

Kayla Harrison clarifies that while she’s disheartened by some aspects, she holds no anger or frustration towards the PFL and maintains respect for their accomplishments.

What is Kayla Harrison’s perspective on her potential opponents?

Kayla Harrison understands that her options for opponents might be limited, leading her to feel stuck in a state of uncertainty as she waits for potential fights.

What lesson has Kayla Harrison learned from her situation?

Kayla Harrison has learned the value of patience and acceptance, realizing that not everything is within her control in the world of MMA.

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