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Justin Gaethje: Jorge Masvidal will ‘hate’ to wrap BMF title around my waist

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Justin Gaethje Targets BMF Title Win and Denies Jorge Masvidal’s Dream”

Jorge Masvidal’s dream of seeing his longtime teammate, Dustin Poirier, wear the BMF belt at UFC 291 might be shattered by Justin Gaethje, who plans to stand in his way.

The upcoming rematch between Poirier and Gaethje holds more significance than just settling past scores. Gaethje is determined to avenge his 2018 defeat to Poirier and earn recognition from Masvidal by claiming the promotional title.

Speaking at a recent open workout event in support of the pay-per-view headliner at Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Gaethje expressed his desire to force Masvidal into recognizing him as the BMF titleholder. He anticipates that Masvidal, who has trained with Poirier at American Top Team for years, won’t be thrilled to see the belt around Gaethje’s waist.

The first encounter between Poirier and Gaethje was a brutal affair that ended with Poirier’s victory in the fourth round, and it was hailed as the “Fight of the Year” by MMA Hook in 2018. Gaethje acknowledges that the road to victory won’t be easy, and he’s preparing for a highly competitive match.

In recent years, Gaethje has focused on tempering his aggression to protect his physical and mental health. The upcoming fight with Poirier will test his ability to balance aggression with a more technical approach. Gaethje aims to minimize mistakes, knowing that at this level, capitalizing on an opponent’s errors can make all the difference.

Having had five years between their first encounter and the upcoming rematch, both Gaethje and Poirier have evolved as fighters. Gaethje recognizes the changes and has been diligently working on his skills, particularly against Poirier’s powerful left hand.

Gaethje’s victory against Rafael Fiziev put him back on track after a title loss to Charles Oliveira. While the BMF title is up for grabs in this match, Gaethje’s ultimate goal is to secure the championship belt. He sees this bout as a stepping stone towards his aspirations for becoming a champion, indicating that he won’t be keen on defending the BMF title should he emerge victorious.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about BMF title

Q: What is the significance of the upcoming rematch between Justin Gaethje and Dustin Poirier?

A: The upcoming rematch holds special importance for Justin Gaethje as he seeks redemption for his 2018 defeat to Dustin Poirier. He aims to claim the BMF title and force Jorge Masvidal to recognize him as the promotional titleholder.

Q: How did their first encounter in 2018 pan out?

A: Their first fight was a fierce battle, and they both battered each other for three rounds. However, Dustin Poirier emerged victorious in the fourth round, resulting in a memorable and action-packed contest, which was named the “Fight of the Year” by MMA Hook.

Q: What are Gaethje’s preparations and strategies for the rematch?

A: Gaethje is focused on tempering his aggression and adopting a more methodical approach. He plans to be as technical as possible, minimizing mistakes, and capitalizing on Poirier’s errors to secure a win in this highly competitive match.

Q: How does Jorge Masvidal fit into the picture?

A: Jorge Masvidal’s dream scenario involves seeing his teammate Dustin Poirier wear the BMF belt. However, if Gaethje wins the rematch and claims the title, Masvidal will have mixed emotions as he will be forced to recognize Gaethje as the BMF titleholder.

Q: What does Gaethje aspire to achieve beyond the BMF title?

A: While winning the BMF title is a significant accomplishment, Gaethje’s ultimate goal is to become a champion. He believes that a victory in this fight will propel him closer to achieving his aspirations of holding the championship belt in the future.

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