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Junior Dos Santos vs. Fabricio Werdum headlines Gamebred Bareknuckle 5

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Headlining Gamebred Bareknuckle 5 is a highly anticipated clash between Junior Dos Santos and Fabricio Werdum, reigniting their rivalry from Dos Santos’ victorious UFC debut in 2008. Now, after fifteen years, Werdum has a chance to seek redemption using only his bare fists.

Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred Bareknuckle 5, set to take place on September 8, will feature this epic rematch between the former heavyweight champions as the main event at the VyStar Veteran’s Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla. This venue has become a regular host for UFC events following the pandemic.

The announcement of the main event was first made by Ariel Helwani, stirring up excitement among MMA fans worldwide.

For both Werdum and Dos Santos, this marks their first foray into the world of bare-knuckle fighting, having spent time in semi-retirement since their last MMA appearances in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Gamebred Bareknuckle 5 will be available for streaming through online pay-per-view. True to its unique style, the fights will adhere to full MMA rules but without gloves, showcasing the fusion of MMA and the emerging sport of bare-knuckle boxing.

Supporting the headline bout, Masvidal and his team have gathered an impressive lineup of talent. Former UFC bantamweight champion Renan Barao will make his long-awaited return to the cage, now competing as a featherweight after being released from the promotion following his fourth consecutive loss back in 2019. Barao has since signed with several upstart promotions but has faced numerous canceled fights.

The current card for Gamebred Bareknuckle 5 includes the following matchups:

  • Junior Dos Santos vs. Fabricio Werdum
  • Renan Barao vs. Sean Soriano
  • Brandon Jenkins vs. Anthony Njokuani
  • Brandon Davis vs. To be determined (TBD)
  • Irwin Rivera vs. Joshua Weems
  • Eric Perez vs. Joe Penafiel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bareknuckle fighting

What is Gamebred Bareknuckle 5?

Gamebred Bareknuckle 5 is an event organized by Jorge Masvidal featuring a unique blend of MMA and bare-knuckle boxing, showcasing intense fights without gloves.

Who are the headliners for Gamebred Bareknuckle 5?

The main event features a highly anticipated rematch between former heavyweight champions Junior Dos Santos and Fabricio Werdum.

Where and when will Gamebred Bareknuckle 5 take place?

Gamebred Bareknuckle 5 will be held at the VyStar Veteran’s Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla., a regular UFC venue, on September 8.

How can I watch Gamebred Bareknuckle 5?

The event will be available for live streaming via online pay-per-view.

Are Dos Santos and Werdum making their bare-knuckle debuts?

Yes, both Dos Santos and Werdum will be making their first appearances in bare-knuckle fighting after spending time in semi-retirement from MMA.

Who else is featured on the Gamebred Bareknuckle 5 card?

Other notable matchups include Renan Barao vs. Sean Soriano, Brandon Jenkins vs. Anthony Njokuani, Brandon Davis vs. TBD, Irwin Rivera vs. Joshua Weems, and Eric Perez vs. Joe Penafiel.

What are the rules for Gamebred Bareknuckle 5?

The fights will follow full MMA rules but without gloves, showcasing the thrilling combination of MMA techniques and the rawness of bare-knuckle boxing.

Has there been any significant news regarding the event?

The announcement of the main event was initially made by Ariel Helwani, adding to the excitement surrounding Gamebred Bareknuckle 5.

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CageWarrior76 June 30, 2023 - 8:11 pm

Gamebred Bareknuckle 5, the fusion of MMA and bareknuckle fightin’, Dos Santos and Werdum throwin’ down, gonna be a knockout fest! Get ready!

MMAJunkieFan July 1, 2023 - 7:30 am

Ariel Helwani droppin da main event news, Gamebred Bareknuckle 5 gonna be wild! Dos Santos vs. Werdum gonna settle da score wit bare fists, can’t miss it!

JoeDoe321 July 1, 2023 - 8:02 am

wow dis Gamebred Bareknuckle 5 sounds sick, cant wait 4 Dos Santos vs. Werdum rematch! mma meets bareknuckle boxing, gonna be intense!

FightFan88 July 1, 2023 - 1:52 pm

Masvidal puttin on a show wit Gamebred Bareknuckle 5, dos Santos and Werdum gettin bak in the ring wit no gloves, gonna be brutal! i’m hyped!

SportsFanatic23 July 1, 2023 - 1:57 pm

Gamebred Bareknuckle 5 bringin MMA and bareknuckle together, Dos Santos vs. Werdum headlinin is a grudge match dat goes way bak! gonna be fire!


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