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Julianna Pena Responds to Mayra Bueno Silva’s Trash Talk

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Trash talk

Julianna Peña, known for her provocative nature, had the chance to address Mayra Bueno Silva’s recent verbal jabs during Wednesday’s episode of The MMA Hour. Although a missed connection prevented her from responding in real-time during Monday’s show, Peña wasted no time in firing back.

Silva accused Peña of being afraid to face her and dismissed the possibility of a matchup between Peña and Pennington. Peña swiftly provided a rebuttal to Silva’s claims.

“I found it amusing,” she remarked. “The fact is, I’ve been in this division since the very beginning, dating back to 2013. So, one or two good wins? No, I was the first woman to win The Ultimate Fighter. I became the first mother champion. I defeated someone who hadn’t lost in seven years and finished them. I conquered everyone on The Ultimate Fighter. Now, she claims I haven’t had any good fights. I literally defeated everyone on The Ultimate Fighter. After that, I continued fighting and then endured a devastating knee injury. At that point, my record was 7-0, and then I faced Valentina [Shevchenko].”


Mayra Bueno Silva Criticizes Raquel Pennington, Vows to Dominate Julianna Peña for Five Rounds Due to Her Excessive Talking

“After losing that fight, I became 7-1, took a break to have a baby, and then returned to win a world title. And she has the audacity to say I only have two good fights. I am undeniably the toughest female fighter of all time, and Mayra is nothing more than my biggest fan and a mere follower of [Amanda Nunes]. That’s the reality of the situation.”

Silva recently made a strong case for a bantamweight title shot with an impressive victory over Holly Holm. Although the MMA community found Silva’s win noteworthy, Peña remained unimpressed.

“I thought I recognized her,” Peña remarked about Silva before the trash talk began. “I said to myself, ‘Isn’t she the curtain-jerker from the APEX a few years ago?’ But then I remembered that she fought two 41-year-olds and started talking trash about me. That’s when I realized who she was.”

“Miesha Tate is someone worth talking about. Holly Holm is someone worth talking about. They are legends. Mayra Bueno Silva, not so much. And to be impressed that she was losing the entire fight until she caught that choke? No, that’s not impressive to me. Besides, doesn’t she have unfinished business with Miesha? Shouldn’t she fight her?”

Tate was initially scheduled to face Silva, but an injury led to Tate’s withdrawal and the subsequent Holm vs. Silva main event at UFC Vegas 77.

During the post-event press conference, Silva promptly called out Peña, vowing to “smash” the former champion if given the opportunity. In response, Peña boasted on Twitter that she would fight both Silva and Pennington on the same night.

On Wednesday, Peña ridiculed Silva’s comments about Nunes, the former two-division champion who retired after defending her title earlier this year against Irene Aldana due to a rib injury suffered by Peña.

“Did you hear what [Silva] said? She admitted she couldn’t beat Amanda. So, in her mind, she acknowledges that she couldn’t defeat Amanda. Yet, I, who have been chasing Amanda for the past seven years, should be afraid of… Amanda’s tampon holder?” Peña exclaimed. “I fail to comprehend how that works exactly. I’m literally giving you the opportunity to fight in Campbell McLaren’s fight-four-people-in-one-night event, a chance to wait in line. After I defeat Raquel, I’ll be waiting for you in the cage, ready to fight you on the same night. And then you have the audacity to claim that I fear you? Get out of here! I won’t tolerate it.”

Peña stated that she has been assured of her next shot at the title, aiming for a November or December timeframe. She argued that Pennington, who is currently on a five-fight winning streak, is the more captivating opponent, regardless of Silva’s opinions.

“[Pennington] has been clamoring for a title shot ever since she quit on the stool during her last fight,” Peña noted. “It’s about time for her to receive another beatdown. That’s what I assume.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Trash talk

Q: What are some of Julianna Peña’s notable accomplishments in the MMA?

A: Julianna Peña is recognized as the first-ever woman to win The Ultimate Fighter and the first mom champ in the sport. She has defeated fighters who had long undefeated streaks and finished everyone on The Ultimate Fighter. Additionally, she returned after a knee injury, won a world title, and is considered a formidable fighter in the bantamweight division.

Q: How does Julianna Peña respond to Mayra Bueno Silva’s accusations of being afraid to fight her?

A: Julianna Peña finds the accusations amusing and confidently dismisses them. She highlights her long-standing presence in the division, her numerous victories, and her status as a dominant force in the sport. Peña considers Silva her biggest fan and implies that Silva’s trash talk is a ploy to secure a title shot.

Q: What is Julianna Peña’s opinion of Mayra Bueno Silva’s recent win over Holly Holm?

A: Peña remains unimpressed with Silva’s victory over Holly Holm. She questions the quality of Silva’s opponents and emphasizes that legendary fighters like Miesha Tate and Holly Holm are more deserving of attention. Peña suggests that Silva still has unfinished business with Tate and questions her credibility as a top contender in the division.

Q: How does Julianna Peña respond to Mayra Bueno Silva’s call-out after her win over Holly Holm?

A: Peña responds to Silva’s call-out by offering to fight both Silva and Raquel Pennington on the same night. She taunts Silva on social media and questions Silva’s claim of being a threat. Peña believes that her upcoming fight with Pennington, with whom she has a longstanding rivalry, should take priority before any potential matchup with Silva.

Q: What is Julianna Peña’s outlook for her next title shot?

A: Julianna Peña is assured that she will receive the next title shot in the bantamweight division. She targets a timeframe of November or December for the fight. Peña believes that her matchup with Raquel Pennington, who is on a five-fight winning streak, is the more compelling fight despite Mayra Bueno Silva’s attempts to position herself as a contender.

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fight4life July 20, 2023 - 6:38 am

Pena be like, “I ain’t scared of u Silva, u talkin’ nonsense!” She’s got the experience and the wins to back it up. Silva better watch out ’cause Pena’s comin’ for that title shot!

mmaFan92 July 20, 2023 - 12:23 pm

oh man, Pena really shut Silva down with her comebacks! she’s got the creds and Silva’s trash talk just fell flat. Peña’s a boss and gonna show Pennington who’s the real deal. Can’t wait for the fight!

UFCFanatic88 July 20, 2023 - 4:50 pm

Peña is a legit fighter, no doubt. Silva talkin’ smack but Peña shut her down real quick. Can’t wait to see Peña get that title shot, she’s earned it with her wins and determination. Pennington better watch her back!


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