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Julianna Peña declares herself women’s MMA GOAT, says featherweight is ‘a fake division’

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Women's MMA GOAT

Julianna Peña asserts herself as the greatest of all time in women’s MMA and dismisses the featherweight division as illegitimate.

Following Amanda Nunes’ successful defense of her UFC bantamweight title against Irene Aldana at UFC 289, Nunes announced her retirement from MMA. This led to widespread recognition of Nunes as the greatest female MMA fighter of all time, except for Peña, who holds a different opinion.

According to Peña, she is the greatest female fighter of all time because she considers herself a warrior, not just a fighter. Peña passionately believes in her abilities, stating that she never stops coming forward and will only be halted by being put to sleep or knocked out. She confidently claims the title of the greatest warrior and fighter ever. Peña’s rivalry with Nunes has been marked by animosity, as she relentlessly pursued a fight with the bantamweight champion. Peña did manage to back up her trash talk by submitting Nunes in the second round of UFC 269. However, Nunes won the immediate rematch at UFC 277, and their scheduled third fight at UFC 289 was canceled due to Peña’s injury. Despite these setbacks, Peña maintains that she still holds an advantage over Nunes.

Peña argues that a submission finish is more dominant than any scorecard and emphasizes that Nunes tapped out when they fought. She views this as evidence of her superiority. Peña believes she would emerge victorious in a street fight against Nunes, asserting that Nunes would not stand a chance.

While head-to-head matchups are not the sole factor in determining the greatest of all time, Peña acknowledges that Nunes surpasses her in various aspects. Nunes’ record of eight title defenses across two divisions ties her with Jon Jones for fourth all-time, and her 11 wins in title fights also tie her with Anderson Silva. In contrast, Peña has only won a single title and has not defended it. However, Peña criticizes some of Nunes’ achievements, particularly her reign as the featherweight champion.

Peña argues that the 145-pound division was created solely for Cris Cyborg, and after Nunes defeated Cyborg, there were no other notable contenders. She dismisses fighters like Megan Anderson and Felicia Spencer, who moved up to 145 pounds from the bantamweight division, as not being genuine featherweights. Peña points out the lack of recognized featherweight fighters in the UFC roster and considers the division and its title to be fake. She highlights the fact that the division is being retired as evidence of its lack of legitimacy.

Despite any perceived fakeness, Nunes will be remembered as one of only four simultaneous multi-division champions and likely the last and longest-reigning women’s featherweight champion. She takes pride in this accomplishment and intends to remain the champion forever, even after her retirement. Peña, who is expected to compete for the vacant title, dismisses Nunes’ claim and aims to make people forget about her.

Considering Nunes’ remarkable achievements, Peña faces a daunting challenge in her pursuit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Women’s MMA GOAT

Q: Who does Julianna Peña consider the greatest female MMA fighter of all time?

A: Julianna Peña considers herself the greatest female fighter of all time.

Q: What is Julianna Peña’s perspective on the featherweight division?

A: Julianna Peña criticizes the legitimacy of the featherweight division, considering it a fake division.

Q: What is the history between Julianna Peña and Amanda Nunes?

A: Julianna Peña and Amanda Nunes have had a long history marked by rivalry and animosity. Peña pursued a fight with Nunes for years, and they have fought twice, with each winning one bout.

Q: How does Julianna Peña view her fight with Amanda Nunes?

A: Julianna Peña believes she still holds an advantage over Amanda Nunes since Nunes tapped out in their previous fight. She considers a submission finish more dominant than any scorecard.

Q: How does Julianna Peña compare to Amanda Nunes in terms of achievements?

A: Amanda Nunes surpasses Julianna Peña in various aspects. Nunes has achieved eight title defenses across two divisions and has 11 wins in title fights, placing her among the all-time greats.

Q: What does Julianna Peña criticize about Amanda Nunes’ featherweight reign?

A: Julianna Peña argues that Nunes’ featherweight reign was based on a lack of legitimate contenders and criticizes the division for being created for Cris Cyborg and subsequently lacking recognized fighters.

Q: How does Amanda Nunes view her legacy and retirement?

A: Amanda Nunes takes pride in her accomplishments as a simultaneous multi-division champion and plans to retire with the titles, declaring herself the champion forever.

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