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Julianna Pena Blasts ‘CHEAT-ara’ Mayra Bueno Silva Over Drug Test Fail: ‘You’re Truly Living Your Nickname’

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Julianna Pena

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In the aftermath of Mayra Bueno Silva’s admittance to failing a drug test following her recent submission victory against Holly Holm, Julianna Pena was quick to launch a verbal assault.

Though the specifics of the drug test’s positive results remain confidential until the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) convenes on Thursday, a temporary suspension has already been issued to Silva. Additional penalties are expected to follow. Silva’s failure was revealed shortly after her win against Holm, where she had brazenly targeted Pena, vowing to “smash” the ex-UFC champ and vie for the vacant UFC bantamweight title.


News Breaks: Mayra Bueno Silva Discloses Failed Drug Test After Holly Holm Bout

Now that the drug test details have surfaced, Pena didn’t hold back in expressing her thoughts on Silva.

“CHEAT-ara, you’re truly living your nickname,” Pena taunted on Twitter, making a jibe at Silva’s “Sheetara” moniker. “Back to the low ranks of an APEX card with you.

“You battled against two 41-year-olds this year, and cheating was your way to victory. Can’t clear a drug test? Then stop mentioning me, you clueless person!.”

Pena’s remarks referred to the fights against Holm and Lina Lansberg, contributing to Silva’s winning streak of four consecutive victories since rejoining the bantamweight division.

Silva’s failure in the drug test might lead the NAC to declare her win over Holm as a no-contest. However, the decision still stands until formal penalties are issued or an agreement on adjudication is finalized.

Silva stated that the failure was due to a substance “in line with the prescription medication I use for my ADHD.”

Her performance against Holm initially catapulted Silva into a potential position to challenge Pena for the UFC bantamweight title, left vacant after Amanda Nunes retired in June.

But now, a potential suspension on the horizon makes it almost sure that Silva won’t be considered for this chance any longer. Meanwhile, Raquel Pennington appears to be the frontrunner to go head-to-head with Pena to determine the new champion in the upcoming time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Julianna Pena

What happened between Julianna Pena and Mayra Bueno Silva?

Julianna Pena blasted Mayra Bueno Silva on social media after Silva admitted to failing a drug test following her win against Holly Holm. Pena mocked Silva’s nickname and accused her of cheating.

Who is the likely new challenger for the UFC bantamweight title after Silva’s failed drug test?

Raquel Pennington emerges as the most likely challenger to face Pena for the UFC bantamweight title, considering Silva’s possible suspension.

What substance led to Silva’s failed drug test?

Silva claimed the failed drug test came as a result of a substance “consistent with the prescription medication she takes for ADHD.” The full details are pending a Nevada Athletic Commission meeting.

What were the consequences of Silva’s failed drug test?

Silva has been temporarily suspended, and the Nevada Athletic Commission may overturn her win over Holm to a no-contest. The details of additional punishments will be revealed in the Commission’s meeting.

Who were the two 41-year-olds Silva fought this year?

The two 41-year-olds Mayra Bueno Silva fought this year were Holly Holm and Lina Lansberg. Her victories against them extended her win streak in the bantamweight division.

What is Silva’s nickname that Pena mocked?

Silva’s nickname is “Sheetara,” which Pena mocked by calling her “CHEAT-ara” on Twitter, referencing the failed drug test.

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