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Julia Budd released from PFL after withdrawing from Kayla Harrison fight at 2023 PFL championships

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Julia Budd PFL Release

Former Bellator titleholder Julia Budd is no longer with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Her exit follows her decision to not participate in the anticipated bout against two-time PFL champion Kayla Harrison. This matchup was on the docket for the PFL Championship event on November 24, but with Budd stepping back, Aspen Ladd has stepped up to the plate for a catchweight clash at 150 pounds.

The head honcho of PFL, Peter Murray, dished out the details to MMA Hook recently.

Murray put it plainly: “Julia Budd has been let go, that’s the long and short of it.”

PFL’s initial statement about the shuffle was quite direct, claiming Budd chose not to “honor her contract,” thus axing the Harrison showdown.

Murray explained, “Julia had her chance to fight and passed it up. No signature on the dotted line meant, regrettably, we had to press on without her. But there’s a silver lining—Aspen’s stepping in, and trust me, this one’s going to be a barn burner.”

Ladd, who had her own share of trials and tribulations in the UFC, including weight-cut woes in the bantamweight division, has found a new home in the PFL’s featherweight division. She’s already made a statement by edging out Budd in her first PFL appearance and boasts a respectable 2-1 record in the league so far.

Murray is optimistic about the reworked headline event, saying, “Everyone, including us, was keen on Kayla versus Julia, but that ship has sailed. Now, with Aspen gearing up and chomping at the bit, this fight has all the makings of an epic tussle. Remember, Aspen toppled Julia, so we’re actually in for a more thrilling fight.”

With this chapter closed, Budd’s tenure with PFL is over, showing a mixed bag of results—a 2-3 record. Her final win in the league was against Martina Jindrova, though it wasn’t enough to punch her ticket to the playoffs. She’s back on the market, ready for new ventures in the fight game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Julia Budd PFL Release

Why was Julia Budd released from the PFL?

Julia Budd was released from the PFL after she did not sign the bout agreement to fight Kayla Harrison in the 2023 PFL Championships, leading the promotion to cancel the fight and release her from her contract.

Who is replacing Julia Budd in the fight against Kayla Harrison?

Aspen Ladd is stepping in to fight Kayla Harrison at a 150-pound catchweight in the upcoming PFL Championship, following Julia Budd’s withdrawal from the bout.

What has been Peter Murray’s response to Julia Budd’s release?

Peter Murray, PFL CEO, confirmed that Julia Budd was released because she chose not to fulfill her contractual obligations to fight Kayla Harrison, emphasizing the excitement for the new matchup between Harrison and Ladd.

What is Aspen Ladd’s record in the PFL?

Aspen Ladd holds a record of 2-1 in the PFL, having moved up to featherweight after her release from the UFC. She won a split decision over Julia Budd in her PFL debut.

What’s next for Julia Budd after her release from the PFL?

Julia Budd is now a free agent in the fighting world, following her release from the PFL where she had a 2-3 record. She is free to join another promotion or pursue other opportunities in her career.

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FightFanatic November 10, 2023 - 6:12 am

man, was really lookin forward to Budd vs Harrison, such a bummer it’s not happening!

MMAJunkie87 November 10, 2023 - 7:54 pm

PFL just ain’t the same without Julia, she brought the fire every time, what a loss..

PunchDrunkLove November 10, 2023 - 11:00 pm

so what’s next for Budd? Any promotions looking to snag her up, she’s still got it I’d say

ArmbarArtist November 10, 2023 - 11:39 pm

Did Budd really duck Harrison or is there more to the story? these releases always seem so sudden!

CageWarrior November 11, 2023 - 12:47 am

Aspen Ladd stepping up is cool and all but she’s no Julia, that’s for sure


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