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Joshua Van ‘started throwing up’ just after getting the call for a short-notice fight at UFC Jacksonville

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Joshua Van found himself in an unexpected situation when he received a call that would change the course of his fighting career. He was already aware of his upcoming opportunity to compete on The Contender Series in August, which could earn him a UFC contract. However, his manager, Jason House, surprised him with a different proposition.

Zhalgas Zhumagulov, for the third time in a row, had lost an opponent just days before his scheduled fight. The UFC urgently needed to find a replacement for him. Instead of delaying Zhumagulov any further after Felipe Burns withdrew from UFC Vegas 75, the promotion decided to reschedule him for the UFC Jacksonville card, just one week later. This is where Joshua Van enters the picture.

On a seemingly normal day, Van received a call from Jason House. “Hey, can you make weight in two or three days?” House asked. Van was offered a fight just over a week later, and without hesitation, he accepted the challenge. He didn’t bother asking about his opponent until later, when he discovered it would be Zhalgas Zhumagulov.

Van admitted he had never asked for the name of his opponent, as he wasn’t particularly invested in following fights. In fact, he only watched fights involving notable fighters like Conor McGregor or Israel Adesanya. The short notice call was all he needed to hear, and he was ready to step into the octagon.

After hanging up, Van knew he had to consult with his head coach, Daniel Pineda, to confirm his readiness for the UFC debut just a few days away. But before that, he had to process the rush of emotions that had overwhelmed him. Although he wouldn’t describe himself as scared or overwhelmed, the excitement and anticipation made his stomach churn to the point that he started throwing up in the bathroom.

Van’s excitement and happiness were undeniable. He called his coach immediately to share the news, hoping for a positive response. With Daniel Pineda’s reputation as someone always willing to fight anyone, Van was confident that he would receive the green light. His coach’s response, “You ready? Let’s get it,” affirmed his decision to take the fight.

While accepting a fight on such short notice is far from ideal, Van refused to make excuses. Once he signed the contract, his focus shifted entirely to winning on Saturday. Van didn’t claim to be in the midst of a rigorous training camp or diligently preparing his conditioning. Instead, he embraced his identity as a fighter. Like his coach, he was always ready to unleash his aggression and overcome any opponent, regardless of the circumstances.

“When they called me, I may not have been in peak shape, but I knew I was in good shape,” Van explained. “I may not have been in fighting shape, but I’m still fit enough to handle it. It was an easy decision for me to say yes. I’m always prepared in case something like this happens. I was born to fight. I’m a fighter.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about short-notice UFC fight

Q: What was the reason behind Joshua Van getting a short-notice fight in UFC Jacksonville?

A: Joshua Van received a short-notice fight in UFC Jacksonville because Zhalgas Zhumagulov had lost an opponent for the third time in a row and the UFC urgently needed a replacement.

Q: How did Joshua Van react when he received the offer to fight on short notice?

A: Joshua Van was excited when he received the offer to fight on short notice. He didn’t hesitate and immediately accepted the challenge without even knowing the name of his opponent.

Q: Did Joshua Van have any concerns about his readiness for the fight on short notice?

A: While Joshua Van admitted that he wasn’t in peak fighting shape, he was confident in his overall fitness and readiness. He mentioned that he always stays prepared and was born to fight, so he embraced the opportunity.

Q: Who is Joshua Van’s coach and how did he react to the short-notice fight offer?

A: Joshua Van’s coach is Daniel Pineda. Pineda is known for his willingness to fight anyone, so when Van informed him about the offer, Pineda immediately gave his approval and encouraged Van to take the fight.

Q: Did Joshua Van experience any nervousness or anxiety before the fight?

A: Joshua Van expressed that he felt more excitement than nervousness. However, the overwhelming emotions did cause him to feel stomach-churning excitement and even led to him throwing up in the bathroom.

Q: Was Joshua Van concerned about not knowing his opponent before accepting the fight?

A: No, Joshua Van didn’t ask about the name of his opponent before accepting the fight. He mentioned that he doesn’t watch fights unless they involve renowned fighters like Conor McGregor or Israel Adesanya. His main focus was on accepting the opportunity to fight in the UFC.

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