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Jorge Masvidal’s Suggestion for Justin Gaethje and the BMF Belt: ‘Face Me to Keep It Authentic’

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Jorge Masvidal and BMF title

Jorge Masvidal, the pioneer of UFC’s ‘BMF’ championship, is all ears about the possibility of reclaiming his lost title someday.

Recently, Masvidal, now retired from the Octagon, sat down for a chitchat with ESPN where he discussed his future endeavors. Top of the list is his upcoming Gamebred Bareknuckle event on September 8, which is going to be the center stage for an epic bare-knuckle MMA sequel featuring ex-UFC heavyweight titans Junior dos Santos and Fabricio Werdum.

When the conversation turned towards Justin Gaethje, the current holder of the BMF title, Masvidal didn’t shy away from offering himself as a worthy challenger if Gaethje ever decides to put the belt up for grabs.

“My two cents? Gaethje should go toe-to-toe with me if he’s looking to defend that belt,” Masvidal opined. “If I were to make a comeback—and that’s a big ‘if’—then it should be me he faces. Look, I adore fighting. It’s my lifeblood, my favorite hobby, and my chosen career path. So, I can’t just say I’m done with it for good.”

Masvidal continued, “However, Gaethje needs to stay in the game, fighting the creme de la creme. That’s what a real BMF would do—face them all, no cherry-picking. I’ve never backed down from any fight, whether it’s a striking master or a grappling guru. Gaethje embodies that same spirit; the man is fearless. He’ll square up with any fight style and that’s a crucial trait.”

At the age of 38, Masvidal noted that he’s currently out of the USADA testing loop. If he were to make a grand return to the UFC, he’d need to undergo a compulsory six-month testing regimen beforehand. Though a comeback isn’t in his immediate plans, he isn’t completely dismissing the idea either.

“It’s not on my immediate to-do list,” said Masvidal. “Although the itch to fight again is always lurking somewhere in the back of my mind. Right now, my focus is on launching these promotions. And oh boy, do I have some bombshell news, but mum’s the word for now.”

Regarding UFC 291, where Gaethje floored Dustin Poirier with a jaw-dropping second-round head kick to seize the BMF belt, Masvidal had a front-row seat. Not only was he there as a spectator, but he also had the honor of crowning Gaethje post-victory since Poirier is his training buddy.

Contrary to what one might assume about any awkwardness, Masvidal assures that he has nothing but reverence for Gaethje. “No bad blood, absolutely,” Gaethje commented. “He was exceptional, particularly considering he had a rocky first round. Poirier had him on the ropes and chose not to pounce, thinking he had time. Gaethje used that time wisely and unleashed a head kick out of the blue.”

“It was an artful setup, one that left me dumbfounded,” Masvidal continued. “When I was wrapping the belt around him, my mind was racing, thinking ‘Man, I was so sure we had this.’ Kudos to Gaethje and his team. Should they ever square off again, the tables might turn. Poirier, in my opinion, is the superior fighter, but that night was not his night.”

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