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Jorge Masvidal Vows to ‘Melt’ Gilbert Burns: A Breakdown of His Mouth-watering Rematch with Khamzat Chimaev

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Jorge Masvidal does not like Colby Covington, and Khamzat Chimaev also doesn’t enjoy his company. But that doesn’t mean the two of them are friends. When asked who would win in a fight between Covington and Chimaev, Masvidal said he doesn’t care because they’re both ‘weak’.

“Are you serious that you missed your weight by 8.5 pounds? That’s not right, man! Don’t act like everyone doesn’t want to fight you, because before that you have to hit the weight limit that you yourself agreed on. You can’t miss it and then start calling people out like it’s nothing! And don’t even think about challenging Alex Pereira, who is the world champion here. You haven’t even beat one person in the top 15 rankings at 185! Get real!”

Masvidal, 38 years old, was talking about Chimaev’s weigh-in at UFC 279 where he weighed 178.5 pounds – which was 7.5 pounds more than is allowed for a non-title welterweight match. He was supposed to fight Nate Diaz, but after his massive weigth-in miss, UFC had to rearrange the program and make him fight against Kevin Holland in a catchweight of 180 pounds match. Chimaev won this fight through submission in the first round.

Chimaev has been annoyed because the UFC President, Dana White, believes that Covington should be next in line to get a title fight at 170 pounds. Chimaev claims he had been offered a match against Covington multiple times during the past year but it never happened in the end.

White said the UFC wants Chimaev to fight a higher weight class for his next match since he missed the weigh-in. Masvidal, on the other hand, can’t stand hearing Chimaev talk.

“Put on your metaphorical hard hat, plug up your mouthpiece and get down to business,” Masvidal said. “It seems like today everyone has an Instagram and something to say, but that won’t cut it when you miss weight by almost 9 pounds. So don’t talk, just do the work!”

“That’s my advice to all the new fighters. Fight first, and then talk afterwards. A lot of these guys don’t understand that yet. And I’m about to beat up the guy who won against me on a split decision so that people can see how much better I am than those average fighters.”

Jorge Masvidal is 38 years old and will fight Gilbert Burns on April 8 which is a pretty important match. He recently lost three fights in a row; including one against Kamaru Usman and another to Covington at UFC 272 on March 2022. Everyone thinks he won’t win this match, but Masvidal feels confident that he can do it!

Masvidal said that the key to winning is to keep punching your opponent in the face. You keep hitting them until they think you won’t hit them again and then you hit them some more. That’s it!

“Gilbert is tough, until he runs out of energy or gets really hurt. He’s like a champion that starts off strong but then retreats quickly when facing obstacles. Once I hit him hard, he’ll become easily upset and mad. Also, I’ve noticed everytime he can’t get an expected result in a fight, he would give up right away. To win against him, I must keep attacking him.”

Leon Edwards wants to fight Masvidal and Masvidal believes that he has what it takes to change the UFC’s opinion on who should be the welterweight champion. At UFC 287, Masvidal will show why fans are so excited about him as a fighter.

Masvidal said, “It’s been a while since I fought and some of you may have forgotten me. That’s okay because it is my job to remind everyone who I am on April 8. So, I chose this perfect opponent for that purpose. With him, I will show everyone that I’m all about violence.”

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