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Jorge Masvidal tells Jake Paul they were never close to fighting: UFC ‘never wanted to let me go do boxing’

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Jorge Masvidal informs Jake Paul that their potential boxing match was never close to happening due to the UFC’s reluctance to allow him to participate in boxing. Despite their verbal exchanges and social media feuds, Masvidal reveals that the UFC never considered arranging a fight between them.

The animosity between the two fighters began when Masvidal supported Tyron Woodley in his boxing match against Paul. Before that event, Masvidal briefly collaborated with Paul to assist him in preparing for his fight against Ben Askren, a common opponent they both faced.

During an appearance on Paul’s B.S. podcast, Masvidal discloses that the UFC has consistently denied his requests to participate in boxing. He explains the difficulty of securing permission while under a full contract, particularly for someone like himself, as the UFC is quite selective.

The UFC has seldom allowed its fighters to compete in rival combat sports promotions, with the exception of Conor McGregor’s boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in 2017. Francis Ngannou, the former heavyweight champion, was also prohibited from pursuing boxing fights as he negotiated a new deal with the UFC before eventually signing with the PFL. However, under his new contract, Ngannou is free to pursue boxing, with the PFL taking a hands-off approach outside of his MMA career.

Although Masvidal expresses his desire to test himself in boxing, he is still bound by his UFC contract even after announcing his retirement in April. He highlights that the UFC’s permission is necessary for him to engage in any other ventures, including boxing matches.

While Masvidal’s own boxing ambitions may remain on hold indefinitely, he offers his thoughts on Nate Diaz’s upcoming bout against Paul in August. Diaz, whose UFC contract expired in September, negotiated a boxing match with Paul and reached a co-promotional agreement between their respective brands, Real Fight Inc. and Most Valuable Promotions.

Masvidal believes that Diaz, having more experience, will adapt to boxing relatively easily. He praises Diaz’s exceptional endurance and predicts that the initial round of the fight will provide valuable insights. Masvidal also asserts that boxing comes naturally to Diaz and expects him to perform well in the ring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about boxing opportunities

Q: Was there ever a possibility of a boxing match between Jorge Masvidal and Jake Paul?

A: No, despite the heated exchanges and social media feuds, a fight between Masvidal and Paul was never close to happening. The UFC never entertained the idea of letting Masvidal pursue boxing opportunities.

Q: Why did Jorge Masvidal support Tyron Woodley against Jake Paul?

A: Masvidal sided with Woodley because they shared a common opponent in Ben Askren. Masvidal briefly worked with Paul to help him prepare for the Askren fight, which led to their subsequent rivalry.

Q: Has the UFC allowed fighters to compete in boxing matches before?

A: The UFC has rarely allowed its fighters to participate in rival combat sports promotions. Conor McGregor’s boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in 2017 is a notable exception.

Q: Can Jorge Masvidal pursue boxing now that he announced his retirement?

A: Despite his retirement announcement, Masvidal remains under contract with the UFC, which means he still requires the UFC’s permission to engage in any other activities, including boxing matches.

Q: How does the UFC handle fighters pursuing other combat sports?

A: The UFC generally has strict control over its fighters and is selective about granting permission for them to pursue opportunities in other combat sports promotions.

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