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Jorge Masvidal Goes Off on Colby Covington After Jon Anik’s Threats: Who’s the Real Champion Here?

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We shouldn’t forget about Jorge Masvidal when it comes to talking about the title.

Jorge Masvidal was surprised when the UFC president, Dana White, announced Colby Covington as the next contender for the welterweight belt. This came before Masvidal’s upcoming fight against Gilbert Burns at the UFC 287, which many believed would have title implications. However Leon Edwards said he wants to fight Masvidal next and that means things in weight class 170 are not yet decided.

I like Dana a lot, but he talks too much. The people who fans enjoy watching and the ones who make the most money from fighting usually get title shots. Colby is only good at getting help from police and he’s not a great fighter mostly because he’s afraid of losing fights.

“So I’m going to carry on doing my own thing. I’ll go out there and punch Gilbert really hard – then Leon will call my name and we can fight for the belt. Colby will have to wait until I call him back up so that we can battle again.”

Masvidal and Covington don’t like each other very much. These two ex-roommates and training buddies have been growing their rivalry close to the match that happened in March 2022, which was won by Covington through a unanimous choice of the judges.

A few weeks ago, Masvidal and Covington had a fight. Because of the fight, Masvidal got into trouble and was arrested for hurting Covington outside a steakhouse in Miami. He still has to go to court on May 10th and his trial will start on May 22nd. It’s all strange for Masvidal since he heard that Covington was threatening to kill someone on an interview with MMA Fighting.

Masvidal said he has three felonies because of this person, who accused him of doing something bad. Masvidal called the person a lying coward and they were trying to threaten Jon Anik. He asked “Who are you? Are you a tough guy or do you just like making false accusations?”

This guy is not trustworthy. He’s telling our friend Jon Anik really harsh things like his children won’t have him and similar stuff, but he doesn’t mean any of it. He should just be quiet and not offend anyone, because he won’t achieve anything in life himself.

Masvidal said, “I understand if you try to act tough in front of someone like Chael Sonnen or Daniel Cormier because they are fighters. But he was straight up trying to be scary towards Anik, who doesn’t even fight and only weighs 140 lbs. That’s just how Colby has always been.”

Fabricio Werdum was in Australia and he threw a boomerang at someone. The UFC urged him not to involve the police, but the guy still went to the station to file a report! This made him look like a coward, especially considering how Fabricio had thrown merely a boomerang.

Masvidal, 38 years old, wants his upcoming fight with Burns to be the most important thing in his life – even more important than the boxing event he is going to promote this Saturday. He also said that he is not done with Covington yet.

Masvidal said that it’s funny to him that Colby was saying he had a brain injury because of Masvidal. He also heard that Colby said that if they met on the street, Masvidal would end up in a puddle of his own blood which 2 million people heard through a podcast. Masvidal thinks Colby is delusional and just says one thing but does opposite of it so he doesn’t really think much of this guy.

I really don’t like this person. He isn’t my favorite and I can’t talk too much about it, but what I CAN tell you is that when we fight again in the cage, I’m gonna give it all I’ve got to beat him. Since soon after our last battle, I have been training intensely to make sure that when we meet again, I’m ready to take him down!

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