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Jon Jones on Francis Ngannou: “He’s muscular, but I’m tougher.”

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Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou Rivalry

Jon Jones was well aware of the likelihood of bumping into Francis Ngannou at PFL 5 in Atlanta this Friday, as both fighters were attending the event.

Regardless of the inevitable confrontation, which featured a prolonged face-to-face exchange, the reigning UFC heavyweight champion had no intention of stirring up needless tension. This stance was particularly appropriate given the context of their interaction. Jones continues to reign as the UFC champion, while Ngannou chose to leave the organization and his heavyweight title to venture into free agency, ultimately signing a lucrative deal with the PFL.

In short, Jones and Ngannou can engage in as much banter as they like, but it’s hard to imagine them ever actually squaring off in the ring.

“I’ve encountered Francis before,” Jones shared during the PFL broadcast leading up to their meet. “He’s a great guy. He’s quite respectful outside of fighting, and I can be just as respectful. I’m looking forward to catching up and giving him some knuckles.

“If we’re not in the ring, there’s no point in creating hostility, especially when we’re face to face.”


Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou have a tense face-to-face at PFL: ‘You don’t want any part of this!’

Although the faceoff didn’t lead to physical escalation, Jones and Ngannou did have a somewhat intense interaction that the Atlanta crowd thoroughly enjoyed. Despite Jones’ declaration to Ngannou of “You don’t want any part of this,” the fighters parted amicably, shaking hands and exchanging smiles.

As it is highly improbable that the UFC and PFL would ever jointly host a promotion, the fighters’ discussion of a potential fight remains purely hypothetical.

Nonetheless, Jones maintains unwavering confidence in his capabilities should a match with Ngannou ever become reality.

“I know that I’m tougher than him,” Jones claimed. “I don’t need to intimidate him with stares or anything. He’s physically imposing with his large muscles, but when it comes to fighting, this is my domain and I know my place.”

Even before the Friday event, Jones and Ngannou continued to provoke each other through interviews and social media posts, each seemingly eager to see the hypothetical fight come to fruition, despite the slim chances of this fantasy matchup becoming reality.

Currently, Ngannou is focusing on a potential boxing match before shifting his focus back to MMA, with plans to make his PFL debut in 2024.

On the other hand, Jones is deep in talks with the UFC regarding his next match, and all indications suggest a future face-off with former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. The match may be scheduled for a planned event at Madison Square Garden in New York this November, though no deal has been confirmed yet.

Given these developments, Jones didn’t see a need to intensify any rivalry with Ngannou, as there’s no way to truly settle the score in the ring.

“While trash talk can be fun and helps keep the fans engaged, it doesn’t matter much without a fight contract,” Jones noted. “At the end of the day, we’re comrades.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou Rivalry

Where was the face-off between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou?

The face-off between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou took place at PFL 5 in Atlanta.

Why did Francis Ngannou leave the UFC?

Francis Ngannou left the UFC to pursue free agency, which eventually led him to sign a lucrative contract with the PFL.

What does Jon Jones think of Francis Ngannou as a person and a fighter?

Jon Jones has expressed that Francis Ngannou is a great guy and respectful outside of fighting. Despite acknowledging Ngannou’s physical prowess, Jones maintains that he is the tougher fighter.

Who is Jon Jones likely to fight next?

As of now, it appears that Jon Jones is in negotiations for his next fight against ex-heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, though no official deal has been confirmed yet.

What are Francis Ngannou’s future plans?

Ngannou is currently focusing on a potential boxing match before turning his attention back to MMA. He plans to debut in the PFL in 2024.

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