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John Gotti III suspended 6 months by Florida commission for Floyd Mayweather melee

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Mayweather vs. Gotti Rematch

John Gotti III has been handed a six-month suspension by the Florida State Athletic Commission following his post-fight altercation with Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match.

During the bout held at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Fla., Gotti III, the grandson of infamous mob boss John Gotti, disregarded referee Kenny Bayless’ decision to stop the fight and continued to engage Mayweather. This led to a chaotic scene inside the ring that took several minutes to quell.

In response to the incident, the spokesperson for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which oversees the commission, stated, “The DBPR Florida Athletic Commission took immediate action on the evening of Sunday, June 11, and imposed a six-month suspension on John Gotti III.” They further clarified that Mayweather did not face any sanctions as a result. Gotti III was unavailable for comment at that time.

During the fight, Gotti III and Mayweather exchanged heated words as the match progressed. Despite Gotti III’s background as a 5-1 MMA veteran and 2-0 boxing professional, he was clearly outmatched against the legendary Mayweather. Referee Bayless cautioned both fighters to maintain composure after the fifth round, but the verbal exchange persisted. Bayless eventually stopped the fight when Gotti III held a clinch and initially refused to break. In a moment of defiance, Gotti III pushed past Mayweather and threw a few punches before Mayweather’s corner and security intervened.

Following the bout’s premature conclusion, fights broke out in the arena as members of both fighters’ entourages engaged in altercations. Gotti III expressed his animosity towards Mayweather, declaring him his “enemy for life” and reaching out to Conor McGregor for support. McGregor, who had previously fought Mayweather in a highly-publicized match in 2017, pledged his backing. Additionally, Gotti III’s relatives issued threats to Mayweather via social media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about boxing melee

What was John Gotti III suspended for by the Florida State Athletic Commission?

John Gotti III was suspended for six months by the Florida State Athletic Commission for his involvement in a post-fight melee with Floyd Mayweather during an exhibition boxing match.

Why did the altercation occur?

During the fight, Gotti III ignored the referee’s decision to stop the bout and continued to fight Mayweather. This led to a confrontation and chaos inside the ring.

How long is John Gotti III’s suspension?

John Gotti III’s suspension imposed by the Florida State Athletic Commission lasts for six months.

Was Floyd Mayweather sanctioned for the incident?

No, Mayweather was not sanctioned by the commission for his involvement in the altercation.

Did the Florida State Athletic Commission take immediate action?

Yes, the commission took immediate action and suspended John Gotti III on the evening of the incident, which occurred on June 11.

Did the altercation have any consequences for Mayweather and Gotti III’s future?

The incident resulted in Gotti III declaring Mayweather as his “enemy for life” and seeking support from Conor McGregor. Gotti III’s relatives also issued threats to Mayweather on social media.

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