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John Gotti III: ‘No bad blood’ with Floyd Mayweather, in talks for rematch later this year

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John Gotti III is no longer holding a grudge against Floyd Mayweather Jr., but he still has the desire to land a punch on him.

Following their exhibition boxing match earlier this month, which descended into chaos due to unsportsmanlike behavior and resulted in both fighters’ entourages storming the ring, Gotti initially labeled Mayweather as his “enemy for life.” However, after taking some time to cool down, the 30-year-old fighter revealed that he and Mayweather have resolved their issues.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Gotti explained, “He wanted to talk, and I wasn’t interested. I had no desire to engage with him. However, my father went to his locker room, and they had a conversation to sort things out. Listen, I don’t harbor any animosity towards Floyd. My statement about him being my enemy for life was said in anger, but he’s not my enemy.”

Gotti acknowledged Mayweather’s role as an entertainer and boxer, stating, “He did his job. His job is to entertain and box, just like mine. I still have respect for Floyd. Even at 46, his skills in the ring are remarkable… his reflexes, his speed. Sharing the ring with Floyd was a tremendous experience, one that I’ll always remember.”

The tension between Gotti and Mayweather has been diffused, as Gotti revealed, “We’re on good terms now. We’ve been communicating. My father has been in contact with their team, and there’s no bad blood between us. It’s strictly business. We did what we had to do, settled our differences, and moved on.”

In fact, there are ongoing discussions to potentially arrange a rematch. The brawl during their previous encounter turned the relatively unknown Mayweather exhibition event into a major news story. Gotti III disclosed that negotiations for a rematch are already underway, saying, “We’re currently in talks to do something. So, let’s see where it leads. From what I understand, it was the most searched topic in the world after the fight.”

Recognizing Mayweather’s business-minded approach, Gotti added, “Floyd is a businessman. He wants to capitalize on the situation and make money. If they want to have a rematch, I’m here, and I assure you that this time, I’ll come out swinging from the beginning. We’re going to fight.”

Gotti III expressed strong confidence in the likelihood of a rematch happening, aiming for October as the target timeframe. However, this conflicts with the six-month suspension issued to Gotti by the Florida commission as a consequence of the incident. Nevertheless, Gotti remains optimistic that his team will be able to overturn the suspension.

If all the pieces fall into place, Gotti III and Mayweather will face each other once again. Despite his earlier statements about burying the hatchet, Gotti III still carries some resentment into the rematch, stating, “Now, it’s personal. In the next fight, I’m going to give it my all, every second of every round. In the first fight, I had admiration, love, and respect for Floyd. It’s different now. When certain boundaries are crossed in the trash-talking, it becomes personal for me. Floyd didn’t have to go there, and neither did I… Now, it’s war between Floyd and me.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rematch

Q: What happened between John Gotti III and Floyd Mayweather Jr. during their exhibition boxing match?

A: The exhibition boxing match between John Gotti III and Floyd Mayweather Jr. descended into chaos after unsportsmanlike conduct, leading to their entourages storming the ring.

Q: Did John Gotti III and Floyd Mayweather Jr. resolve their issues?

A: Yes, after some time, John Gotti III and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were able to squash their beef and no longer hold animosity towards each other.

Q: Are there discussions for a rematch between John Gotti III and Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

A: Yes, negotiations are currently underway for a potential rematch between John Gotti III and Floyd Mayweather Jr. after their initial bout garnered significant attention.

Q: What is John Gotti III’s attitude towards a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

A: While John Gotti III initially claimed to have resolved the issues, he still carries some resentment and personal motivation heading into a potential rematch.

Q: Is John Gotti III confident in the rematch happening?

A: Yes, John Gotti III expressed high confidence in the likelihood of a rematch taking place and stated that talks are in progress to arrange the fight.

Q: What challenges does John Gotti III face in securing a rematch?

A: One challenge is the six-month suspension issued to John Gotti III by the Florida commission as a result of the chaotic incident. However, he remains optimistic that his team can lift the suspension.

Q: How does John Gotti III view Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a boxer?

A: Despite their previous conflicts, John Gotti III still has respect for Floyd Mayweather Jr. and acknowledges his skills, speed, and reflexes, particularly at the age of 46.

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