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John Gotti III blasts Kenny Bayless, Florida commission over Floyd Mayweather melee: ‘They’re not going to make Floyd look bad at any cost’

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John Gotti III strongly criticizes Kenny Bayless and the Florida commission for their handling of the Floyd Mayweather altercation, claiming they were determined to protect Mayweather’s image at all costs.

According to Gotti, he feels unfairly targeted due to his association with the Gottis, who are considered public enemies. He believes every effort was made to tarnish his reputation.

The exhibition boxing match between Gotti and Mayweather turned into a chaotic scene, with both fighters engaging in taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct. In the sixth round, referee Kenny Bayless intervened and stopped the bout, leading to a near-riot as Gotti attacked Mayweather and their entourages joined in.

Gotti places the blame squarely on Mayweather, stating that he was provoked by Mayweather’s disrespectful behavior towards his supporters. However, he argues that Bayless didn’t reprimand Mayweather earlier in the fight and showed bias. Gotti acknowledges his own participation in the confrontation but expresses disappointment that the fight was prematurely called off, depriving him of his best rounds.

While the Association of Boxing Commissions allows referees to stop bouts due to unsportsmanlike conduct, Gotti believes Bayless’s decision was motivated by Mayweather’s success being undermined. Gotti claims that Mayweather’s team wanted to protect his image at any cost, even if it meant ending the fight prematurely.

Gotti is also displeased with the Florida commission, as he received a six-month suspension following the incident. He believes the commission suspended him to divert attention from their own negligence in failing to ensure proper security and organization at the event.

He asserts that the commission used him as a scapegoat to avoid liability and potential lawsuits. Gotti is currently working to have his suspension lifted and aims to have a rematch with Mayweather in the future. His main concern is correcting the misconceptions surrounding the incident.

Gotti clarifies that he attacked Mayweather out of anger, but it was not solely due to the fight itself. He emphasizes that Mayweather’s disrespectful words during the match crossed a personal line for him. However, he acknowledges that they have moved on from the incident and considers it part of the business.

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