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Jiu-jitsu coach Augusto Mendes: Sean O’Malley ‘won’t make mistakes’ against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292

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UFC 292

Augusto Mendes, Sean O’Malley’s jiu-jitsu coach, is confident in O’Malley’s chances against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292 in Boston’s TD Garden on Saturday. Having faced Sterling himself in his final UFC fight in 2017, Mendes is well-aware of the UFC bantamweight champion’s abilities.

Nicknamed “Tanquinho,” Mendes has an impressive background, boasting a 1-2 UFC record and standing as one of the greatest jiu-jitsu competitors, with multiple ADCC and IBJJF world titles. For several years in Arizona, he has been instrumental in helping O’Malley grow as a fighter, especially in his ground game.

Mendes acknowledges O’Malley’s intelligence and maturity, recognizing his importance to UFC, along with the considerable appeal he has. He also emphasizes that O’Malley knew he needed to evolve in all areas of fighting to contend for the belt, which led to extensive training in jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and striking. Mendes feels that the time for O’Malley has finally arrived.

Aware of Sterling’s fighting “qualities,” especially after sharing the octagon with him for 15 minutes, Mendes anticipates a different kind of challenge for O’Malley. Sterling, known for his wrestling and impressive cardio, will likely attempt to take the fight to the ground.

O’Malley, with a 16-1, 1 NC record and 10 knockouts, is regarded as one of the most technical strikers in his weight class. Meanwhile, Sterling has proven his finishing ability through submissions. Mendes has focused on ensuring that O’Malley makes no mistakes on the ground against Sterling, emphasizing the importance of avoiding errors in jiu-jitsu.

The team is committed to avoiding any mistakes during the 25-minute fight, as they realize that any mistake against Sterling could be costly. They’ve been working on remaining calm, strategizing, and finding opportunities to return to standing if the fight goes to the ground.

Mendes anticipates that Sterling may move up a weight class after UFC 292 and hopes that O’Malley will spoil Sterling’s farewell fight in the bantamweight class with a knockout. While the team hopes for a swift victory, they are preparing for all scenarios, acknowledging Sterling’s capabilities and the unpredictability of a title fight. They remain firm in their belief in O’Malley’s abilities and dedication, and their objective is to use all the training to secure the title.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 292

Who is Sean O’Malley’s jiu-jitsu coach?

Augusto Mendes, also known as “Tanquinho,” is Sean O’Malley’s jiu-jitsu coach. He is one of the all-time best jiu-jitsu competitors with multiple ADCC and IBJJF world titles.

When and where is Sean O’Malley fighting Aljamain Sterling?

Sean O’Malley will face Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292, which is set to take place at Boston’s TD Garden on Saturday.

What is Augusto Mendes’ record against Aljamain Sterling?

Augusto Mendes fought Aljamain Sterling to a decision in his final UFC bout in 2017.

What are Sean O’Malley’s key strengths?

Sean O’Malley is one of the most technical strikers in the 135-pound class, with a record of 16-1, 1 NC, and 10 knockouts. He has been working extensively on his jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and striking skills.

How has O’Malley prepared for the fight against Sterling?

O’Malley has been working closely with his coach, Augusto Mendes, focusing on jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and striking. They have trained to avoid mistakes, especially on the ground, and prepared strategies to remain calm and return to their feet if the fight goes to the ground.

What does Mendes expect from Aljamain Sterling in the fight?

Mendes expects Sterling to bring a different type of fight for Sean, particularly focusing on wrestling and exploiting his “impeccable” cardio. He believes Sterling will try to take the fight to the ground.

What are Mendes’ hopes for the outcome of the fight?

Mendes hopes for an O’Malley victory, ideally through a knockout. While they are training for a quick fight, they are also preparing for a potential five-round war, recognizing Sterling’s qualities and the unpredictability of a title fight.

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