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Jessica-Rose Clark calls for Paige VanZant rematch in boxing, ‘would love to fight for’ Jake Paul’s MVP promotion

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Boxing Rematch

Jessica-Rose Clark is stepping out of the UFC ring and into the boxing square, and she’s got her sights set on a rematch that’s been brewing for a while. Clark recently expressed her desire to face off against Paige VanZant once again in a boxing match. The Australian fighter spoke about her intentions on The MMA Hour, making it clear that she has no interest in bare-knuckle fighting, but boxing is where her passion lies.

The history between Clark and VanZant adds some spice to this potential rematch. They clashed for the first time at UFC Fight Night 124 in January 2018, where Clark emerged victorious via unanimous decision. Now, with both fighters pursuing new opportunities, a boxing showdown could be the perfect stage for their rematch.

Clark’s motivation for this rematch goes beyond just settling the score. She acknowledges that Paige VanZant’s fame and fan engagement activities, like her fan sites, are keeping her financially secure. Jessica believes that the right promotion can turn this into a blockbuster event, and it’s not just about redemption; it’s about making a substantial paycheck.

“When I fought her the first time, it was a turning point in my career,” Clark noted. “With the reputation she has, the celebrity status that she has, with the fact that she’s a legitimate competitor, I’m a legitimate competitor, I want to make some money. I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and I want to make some money. I’ve been doing this a long time to be fighting for peanuts.”

However, Clark isn’t content with just one boxing match. She envisions transitioning into the world of boxing fully, and she thinks starting with a fellow MMA fighter before taking on a pure boxer could be a fascinating journey. This approach aligns with her desire for a thrilling, marketable fight.

As for which promotion she’d love to fight under, Jessica has her eyes on the MVP (Most Valuable Promotions), particularly Jake Paul’s venture into the boxing world. She admires the impact he’s had on the sport, especially for women in boxing, and she’s eager to be a part of that momentum.

“Honestly, I would love to fight for MVP,” Clark revealed. “I would love to fight for Jake Paul. That’s who I would love to go to. People can say whatever they want about being an influencer boxer, or whatever, but he’s doing big things in boxing right now — especially for women in boxing right now — so that’s who I want to fight for.”

In her pursuit of this exciting boxing journey, Clark is even considering some social media spamming of Jake Paul’s Instagram. It seems like she’s not just a fighter in the ring but also in the digital arena, ready to make her intentions known to the boxing world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Boxing Rematch

Q: Why does Jessica-Rose Clark want a rematch with Paige VanZant in boxing?

A: Jessica-Rose Clark desires a rematch with Paige VanZant in boxing because it’s an opportunity for both fighters to capitalize on their fame and reputation. Their first meeting was a turning point in Clark’s career, and she sees it as a chance to make a substantial income. She also believes that with the right promotion, it could become a massive fight.

Q: What’s the history between Jessica-Rose Clark and Paige VanZant?

A: Jessica-Rose Clark and Paige VanZant fought once in the UFC at UFC Fight Night 124 in January 2018. Clark won that fight via unanimous decision. Their desire for a rematch stems from the competitive history they share in the octagon.

Q: What is Jessica-Rose Clark’s stance on bare-knuckle fighting?

A: Jessica-Rose Clark has zero interest in bare-knuckle fighting. She’s solely interested in pursuing a career in boxing, and that’s where she wants to focus her combat sports efforts.

Q: Which promotion does Jessica-Rose Clark aspire to fight for in boxing?

A: Jessica-Rose Clark aims to fight for MVP (Most Valuable Promotions), particularly under the leadership of Jake Paul. She admires Jake Paul’s impact on the sport of boxing and believes he’s doing significant things for women in boxing, making it her preferred destination for her boxing career.

Q: How does Jessica-Rose Clark plan to get Jake Paul’s attention?

A: Jessica-Rose Clark plans to make her intentions known by engaging with Jake Paul on social media, including potentially spamming his Instagram to express her interest in fighting under his MVP promotion.

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