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Jeremy Stephens addresses his MMA future: ‘I’m looking down at the menu right now, and it’s boxing’

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Jeremy Stephens enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to step into the boxing ring against former UFC champion Jose Aldo, even though he wasn’t actively seeking a boxing challenge at the time. His manager offered him the chance, and he eagerly accepted it, foregoing another season with the PFL. Despite his background in MMA, where he gained a reputation for delivering brutal knockouts, Stephens had to learn a lot about boxing before his pro debut. Although he fought Aldo to a draw, he believes he can achieve even more in his upcoming match against Chris Avila on the Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz fight card.

Stephens is not ruling out a return to MMA, but he has developed a passion for boxing during his training camps for the past two fights. Besides, boxing takes a lesser toll on his body compared to MMA, allowing him to feel healthier than ever. He is excited about his bout with Avila and hopes it will lead to more significant opportunities in the boxing world.

For now, Jeremy Stephens’ focus is solely on boxing, and he is determined to become the best in the sport. He relishes the training process and enjoys the thrill of competing in the ring. While his MMA fans are important to him, he hopes they will continue supporting him in his boxing journey, where he plans to provide equally thrilling fights and achieve more accolades. Boxing has rejuvenated him, and he has fallen in love with the sport, relishing the training and the intellectual growth that comes with sparring better boxers and learning from each round.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about boxing

Q: What prompted Jeremy Stephens to take up boxing and face Jose Aldo?

A: Jeremy Stephens received an offer for a boxing match against Jose Aldo just over two months out. Although not actively pursuing boxing, he eagerly accepted the challenge presented by his manager.

Q: How did Jeremy Stephens prepare for his boxing debut?

A: Despite his MMA background, Jeremy Stephens had to learn a lot about boxing before his pro debut. He trained rigorously, even cutting a tremendous amount of weight to compete at 147 pounds.

Q: How did Jeremy Stephens feel about his performance against Jose Aldo?

A: Stephens fought Aldo to a razor-thin draw in his first boxing match, and while he was content with his performance on short notice, he aims for an even better showing in future bouts.

Q: Is Jeremy Stephens planning to return to MMA?

A: While he isn’t closing the door on MMA, Jeremy Stephens is currently focused on boxing. He has fallen in love with the sport and feels healthier preparing for boxing matches compared to MMA.

Q: What excites Jeremy Stephens about his upcoming matchup against Chris Avila?

A: Stephens is excited about facing Chris Avila and hopes to capitalize on the opportunity. He sees it as a stepping stone to bigger opportunities in the world of boxing.

Q: How has boxing rejuvenated Jeremy Stephens’ career?

A: Boxing has reignited Jeremy Stephens’ passion for combat sports. He enjoys the training process, the intellectual growth from sparring better boxers, and finds the sport to be a refreshing change from MMA.

Q: Will Jeremy Stephens’ MMA fans continue to support him in boxing?

A: Stephens hopes his MMA fans will follow him in his boxing journey. He plans to put on entertaining fights and add more accolades to his resume, providing an exciting experience for both old and new fans.

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