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Javon Walton pays tribute to ‘Euphoria’ co-star Angus Cloud, stepping back from acting to focus on boxing

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Javon Walton boxing focus

Javon Walton is grappling with the emotional aftermath following the sudden demise of his close friend and Euphoria co-star, Angus Cloud.

Walton, who portrayed Ashtray on the popular HBO show, labelled Cloud as “family forever”, in the immediate wake of the news of the 25-year-old actor’s unexpected death on Monday. The pair were nearly inseparable throughout two seasons of Euphoria, consistently earning acclaim for their performances.

Walton spoke on The MMA Hour, expressing his struggle with the loss. “It was extremely challenging for all of us. We had such a profound bond with him. He was the kindest person. His departure is painful, but I hope he’s in a better place now, and I hope he’s at peace.”

Both Walton and Cloud’s entrance into Euphoria were steeped in unique circumstances. Cloud was discovered by a casting director on a New York street and subsequently bagged the role of Fezco, a lovable drug dealer. He frequently shared screen space with stars Zendaya and Maude Apatow in the second season.

For Walton, his Euphoria journey commenced after he appeared on a talk show to showcase his budding boxing career, already boasting an impressive amateur track record as a teenager. Like Cloud, Walton hadn’t seriously considered acting as a career. However, soon enough, he found himself starring in one of HBO’s most lauded series.

Walton said that his initial goal was solely boxing, a sport he’d been involved in for 13 years. He was introduced to acting thanks to his boxing career.

“I was on The Steve Harvey Show for boxing, and that’s when the casting director reached out, curious if I was interested in exploring acting.”

Just past his 17th birthday, Walton is shifting his complete attention back to boxing after signing a contract with Most Valuable Promotions, a company initiated by Jake Paul and Nakisa Bidarian.

Although Walton plans to return to acting eventually, he clarifies that boxing was always his initial passion, and that hasn’t wavered.

“I undertook the project with Euphoria, but boxing is now my priority,” Walton clarified. “That’s my true passion. With 85 amateur matches under my belt, I believe that’s my strong suit.

“At this point, I’m certainly stepping away from acting to concentrate on boxing. At the end of the day, I have to follow what I love.”

With a target of achieving 100 amateur matches before turning 18 in 2024, the year he aims to step into professional boxing, Walton concedes that acting will need to take a back seat for the time being.

“Juggling both is challenging,” Walton admitted. “Eventually I’ll return to it, but I’m preparing to go professional in a year, and my initial goal is to make a significant impression in the boxing world.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Javon Walton boxing focus

Who was Javon Walton mourning?

Javon Walton was mourning the loss of his close friend and co-star from the show ‘Euphoria’, Angus Cloud, who passed away unexpectedly.

What is Javon Walton’s next career move?

Javon Walton is taking a break from acting to concentrate fully on his boxing career. He has signed a contract with Most Valuable Promotions to further his boxing ambitions.

How did Javon Walton get into acting?

Javon Walton got into acting when a casting director noticed him during his appearance on The Steve Harvey Show, which was meant to promote his boxing career.

What role did Javon Walton play in ‘Euphoria’?

Javon Walton played the role of Ashtray in the popular HBO series ‘Euphoria’.

What is Javon Walton’s goal in his boxing career?

Javon Walton’s goal is to reach 100 amateur bouts before he turns 18 in 2024, which is the year he plans to debut as a professional boxer.

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