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Jared Cannonier vs. Marvin Vettori – Full Fight Video Highlights

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UFC Vegas 75: Cannonier vs. Vettori

Relive the intense battle between Jared Cannonier and Marvin Vettori in the main event of UFC Vegas 75. Watch the complete video highlights of their thrilling clash, provided by the UFC and other sources.

UFC Fight Night: Vettori vs. Cannonier took place on June 17 at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two middleweight contenders, Marvin Vettori (19-7-1) and Jared Cannonier (17-6), went head-to-head in an epic showdown. The fight was broadcast live on ESPN and ESPN+.

Experience the action-packed moments in the video highlights below.

To delve deeper into the Vettori vs. Cannonier fight, check out the live blog from MMA Hook’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: Both fighters started in southpaw stance, with Cannonier immediately applying pressure by backing Vettori up and launching powerful calf kicks.

Within the first 30 seconds, Vettori landed a left hand that rocked Cannonier, forcing him to retreat and defend himself. Cannonier struggled to defend against Vettori’s attacks and switched back to conventional stance.

Despite being hurt, Cannonier managed to land a significant shot, but Vettori retaliated with a jab. Vettori dominated the center of the octagon, throwing combinations and keeping Cannonier on the defensive. Cannonier showed resilience, recovering well from the early damage.

As the round neared its end, Cannonier attempted to regain control with pressure, but Vettori showcased excellent defense and countered effectively.

MMA Hook scores the round 10-9 in favor of Vettori.

Round 2: Vettori displayed a strong performance in the previous round, utilizing jabs and quick hook combinations. Let’s see how Cannonier adjusts.

Cannonier wasted no time and resumed his aggressive approach, trading kicks with Vettori. Vettori found success with his jabs, repeatedly catching Cannonier as he stepped in. Cannonier relied on his power, landing leg kicks and a significant right hand that Vettori absorbed.

Continuing his relentless forward movement, Cannonier unleashed a monster right hand that grabbed Vettori’s attention. However, Vettori refused to be pushed back, allowing Cannonier to unleash his offensive onslaught.

A well-timed leg kick from Cannonier sent Vettori to the ground, prompting Cannonier to follow up with ground and pound. Although Vettori managed to get back on his feet, he sustained damage and found himself under pressure.

With 90 seconds remaining, Vettori appeared weakened, but Cannonier also began to slow down. Vettori retaliated with powerful shots, causing a swing in momentum.

MMA Hook scores the round 10-9 in favor of Cannonier, resulting in an overall score of 19-19.

Round 3: Despite the visible damage to Vettori’s face, he exhibited incredible toughness. The round started with Vettori landing kicks and a significant left hand, while Cannonier seemed less offensive. However, Cannonier connected with a solid right hand.

Cannonier’s speed became more evident as he consistently landed right hands. Vettori fought back, but Cannonier dictated the movement and controlled the cage. Vettori landed left hands, while Cannonier found success when Vettori was cornered.

Cannonier managed to take Vettori down briefly after a failed takedown attempt, but Vettori swiftly returned to his feet. The two fighters engaged in clinches and exchanges, with Cannonier applying pressure.

Vettori’s punches became slower, while Cannonier remained composed and absorbed the shots. The round concluded after another exchange.

MMA Hook scores the round 10-9 in favor of Cannonier, resulting in an overall score of 29-28 in favor of Cannonier.

Round 4: Vettori’s corner acknowledged that it was a positive round but emphasized Cannonier’s reliance on right hands. Vettori needed to assert his aggression and push forward.

Vettori initiated the round with jabs and kicks, but Cannonier continued to land right hands. Vettori started circling more, landing shots and avoiding Cannonier’s advances. However, Cannonier’s calf kicks remained effective. He then secured a takedown, but Vettori quickly stood up, leading to a clinch and subsequent separation.

Cannonier persisted with his pressure, while Vettori fought back but struggled to match Cannonier’s power. Cannonier utilized jabs effectively and landed big right hands, surpassing the middleweight division’s significant strike record.

The pattern continued, with Vettori holding his ground and landing shots, but Cannonier’s strikes remained more impactful. The round concluded with Vettori landing a high kick.

MMA Hook scores the round 10-9 in favor of Cannonier, resulting in an overall score of 39-37 in favor of Cannonier.

Round 5: Though it seemed unlikely that the fight was even, the judges’ decision remained uncertain. Cannonier aimed to make a statement, while Vettori needed a finish.

Both fighters displayed agility at the start of the round, with Vettori moving fluidly, but Cannonier launched explosive attacks. Vettori attempted to brawl and advanced while Cannonier retaliated with powerful shots, including a solid jab. Cannonier’s relentless forward movement forced Vettori to retreat.

Cannonier landed a significant right hand, and Vettori responded with a combo. Cannonier continued his aggressive approach, looking fresh and consistently finding success with the right hand. Vettori struggled to regain control and resorted to brawling. With two minutes remaining, Cannonier showcased his striking angles and landed a big combo that stunned Vettori.

Cannonier changed levels and executed a takedown, maintaining top position and landing heavy strikes. Vettori held a full guard against the fence, but Cannonier broke free and continued his assault. Cannonier made a definitive statement in the final seconds by securing another takedown.

MMA Hook scores the round 10-9 in favor of Cannonier, resulting in an overall score of 49-46 in favor of Cannonier.

Jared Cannonier emerged victorious over Marvin Vettori via unanimous decision (49-45, 49-45, 48-46).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Vegas 75: Cannonier vs. Vettori

Q: When did the fight between Jared Cannonier and Marvin Vettori take place?

A: The fight between Jared Cannonier and Marvin Vettori took place on June 17 at UFC Vegas 75.

Q: What weight class did the fighters compete in?

A: The fighters competed in the middleweight division.

Q: How did the fight end?

A: The fight ended in a unanimous decision victory for Jared Cannonier, with the judges scoring it 49-45, 49-45, and 48-46 in his favor.

Q: Where was the fight held?

A: The fight was held at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q: How can I watch the full fight video highlights?

A: The full fight video highlights can be watched on various outlets, including the UFC’s official channels.

Q: Who broadcasted the fight live?

A: The fight was broadcast live on ESPN and ESPN+.

Q: What was the overall scorecard after each round?

A: After the first round, the score was 10-9 in favor of Marvin Vettori. After the second round, it was tied at 19-19. After the third round, the score was 29-28 in favor of Jared Cannonier. After the fourth round, it was 39-37 in favor of Cannonier. Finally, after the fifth round, the overall scorecard was 49-46 in favor of Cannonier.

Q: Was there any notable moment or significant strike record in the fight?

A: Yes, Jared Cannonier set a new significant strike record in the middleweight division during the fight.

Q: Who provided a live blog of the fight?

A: Jed Meshew from MMA Hook provided a live blog covering the Vettori vs. Cannonier fight.

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fightlover82 June 19, 2023 - 1:12 am

cannonier vs vettori was a war!! both fighters brought their A-game and delivered an action-packed fight. cannonier’s right hand was like a sledgehammer, and vettori’s toughness was impressive. the judges’ decision was spot on. great fight!

mmafan91 June 19, 2023 - 10:18 am

wow, what a fight between jared cannonier and marvin vettori! they went at it nonstop, and cannonier’s power was just insane! vettori showed so much heart, but cannonier’s right hand was too much to handle. can’t wait to see both fighters in the octagon again!

ufcaddict55 June 19, 2023 - 3:00 pm

cannonier proved why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the middleweight division. his striking was on point, and vettori couldn’t handle the pressure. respect to vettori for his durability, though. what a night of fights at ufc vegas 75!


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