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Jake Paul Reveals Timetable for PFL MMA Debut: What to Expect

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Jake Paul is skilled in boxing and wrestling, but improving his other combat sport skills means he won’t make his Mixed Martial Arts debut until the end of this year at the earliest.

During a broadcast for PFL 2 (a tournament-based promotion where Paul is a partner and future fighter), Sean O’Connell asked Paul about when his MMA debut will take place and Paul said it’s ‘likely going to be at the end of 2023 or beginning of 2024’.

Paul, who joined the broadcast online said that he is very excited watching the fights. He’s been doing jiu-jitsu and getting back to his past experience in wrestling. Paul used to wrestle while he was growing up in Ohio and it was on a Division I level. So now he has to focus on learning kicks.

In about a year, I’m going to start training for MMA with the PFL. I am eager to go against big names so that it can be a challenge for me. Everyone thinks that I’m crazy to do this but I like doing unconventional things. I’ve said from the very beginning of my influencer boxing journey that I wanted to involve with MMA and now with the PFL, my dream is finally coming true.

Paul was getting ready for his seventh pro boxing match with Tommy Fury who he had faced twice before. In the end, Paul lost to Fury in an eight round fight and got outworked by him.

Everyone thought that Paul would rematch against Tommy Fury, but then he told O’Connell that he was considering all of his options before making a decision about which direction he wanted to go in with his next fight.

Paul is looking to make a really big fight with some well-known people. He and his team are talking to multiple teams to see who he should fight next. So stay tuned, he’ll announce something soon!

Paul recently joined the PFL and is the first fighter to also have a share in it. Last Friday, Biaggio Ali Walsh, who is Muhammad Ali’s grandchild, had an amazing victory in just one round which began the main card. Claressa Shields, a women’s boxing champ in 2020, signed up with PFL as well and won two matches before switching back to boxing.

Paul asked UFC star Nate Diaz to fight with him after signing up with the PFL. However, after losing against Fury, Nate seemed to be not interested in the challenge anymore. Below you can watch Paul’s full interview.

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