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Jake Paul predicts 5th-round knockout of Nate Diaz: ‘Weather the storm and end his career’

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Jake Paul confidently predicts that he will knock out Nate Diaz in the fifth round during their upcoming boxing match. He expresses his determination and belief that he wants the victory more than Diaz. Paul acknowledges that he might take a few punches, but that will only fuel his motivation to hit back harder and ultimately bring an end to Diaz’s career.

The bout will take place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, with Diaz making his professional boxing debut outside of the UFC. While Paul respects Diaz’s MMA accomplishments, he disapproves of Diaz’s behavior outside the cage, considering him a bully and a punk.

Paul brushes off concerns about Diaz instigating fights outside of the match, but he is curious if Diaz will accept his offer for a $10 million MMA rematch after their boxing face-off. Diaz seems hesitant about the idea of fighting Paul in the PFL and prefers a potential UFC or co-promotional matchup.

Regardless of the outcome, Paul believes Diaz will want a rematch after the boxing match. However, Paul hints that this could be his last boxing match against MMA fighters, except for one opponent: Conor McGregor. He takes shots at McGregor, claiming he doesn’t want to fight and is dealing with personal issues.

In summary, Jake Paul confidently predicts a fifth-round knockout against Nate Diaz and expresses his disdain for Diaz’s behavior outside of the cage. He hints at a potential rematch and future interest in facing Conor McGregor, should the opportunity arise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about knockout

Q: What is Jake Paul’s prediction for his boxing match with Nate Diaz?

A: Jake Paul predicts a fifth-round knockout in his boxing match with Nate Diaz. He is confident in his training and determination to end Diaz’s career in the ring.

Q: Who is Nate Diaz and what is his background in combat sports?

A: Nate Diaz is a former UFC fighter who is making his professional boxing debut in the match against Jake Paul. He has been a notable figure in mixed martial arts and has a history of intense rivalries.

Q: How does Jake Paul feel about Nate Diaz outside of his MMA career?

A: Jake Paul respects Nate Diaz’s accomplishments in MMA but does not have a favorable opinion of him as a person. He criticizes Diaz’s behavior outside the cage, considering him a bully and disapproving of his actions.

Q: Is there a possibility of a rematch between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz in MMA?

A: After their boxing match, Jake Paul has offered a $10 million MMA rematch to Nate Diaz, but there is uncertainty about whether Diaz will accept. Paul suggests potential co-promotion with PFL, but Diaz prefers a UFC or standalone co-promotion with his own promotional arm.

Q: Who else has Jake Paul fought in boxing, and who might be his future opponents?

A: Jake Paul has faced MMA fighters like Tyron Woodley, Anderson Silva, and Ben Askren in boxing. He hints that after Diaz, he might be interested in facing Conor McGregor, though it remains uncertain.

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