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Israel Adesanya recounts airport arrest following UFC 281 title fight loss

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Israel Adesanya reflects on his arrest at the airport following his loss in the UFC 281 title fight. It was a turbulent end to his 2022 campaign, with a brief moment where things seemed to be going downhill. After his defeat to Alex Pereira, which he later avenged at UFC 287, Adesanya was detained at JFK Airport in Queens, New York, as he was preparing to return to New Zealand. The reason for his arrest was the discovery of brass knuckles in his possession, although the weapons charge was eventually dropped.

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Adesanya shared his account of the incident, stating that airport security handled the situation reasonably well.

“It’s remarkable how life unfolds,” Adesanya expressed. “You lose the belt, and then you get arrested at the airport… The first thing I did when I entered the cell was meditate for about 15 minutes. I spent around 45 minutes in there. People were like, ‘What the hell? What are you doing here?’ Eventually, others started coming and saying, ‘Oh, hey Israel. What happened? We’ll get you out of here soon.'”

Adesanya embraced the ups and downs of life and found value in such experiences, regardless of their nature.

“That’s life. I appreciate these encounters, whether positive or negative, as they all work in my favor,” Adesanya reflected.

Given that he had recently lost his middleweight title and then found himself confined in a cell, Adesanya had reason to question if fate was conspiring against him. However, he quickly dismissed those negative thoughts.

“Sitting in the cell, I observed the graffiti on the walls and thought, ‘This is insane,'” Adesanya recalled. “Just a few days ago, I was fighting at Madison Square Garden, and now I’m stuck in an airport cell. So I told myself, ‘Alright.’ I sat there and meditated to regain my center. From that point on, it was like, ‘Alright, cool. What are we going to do now?'”

Adesanya can now find humor in the misunderstanding, particularly since he managed to resolve the situation without any significant consequences by following the proper legal procedures. The brass knuckles that caused the trouble were actually a gift from a fan, and his manager, Tim Simpson, admitted that they carelessly packed them in their luggage while leaving New York.

This incident taught Adesanya to be more cautious about accepting gifts, as he explained, “That’s why I no longer accept gifts from fans. Some people might be weird and include some kind of spell or strange things. But I appreciate the fans; they’re great. Once they saw that I started declining gifts, some guys would bring old sweatshirts. I would say, ‘This isn’t my camp, Puma,’ and I would give them back. It’s just an excuse.”

Adesanya accepts the incident as part of his life’s story, saying, “It is what it is; it was an interesting experience. It’s just another chapter of life. I guess I got arrested and put in handcuffs.”

According to Adesanya, his airport mishap wasn’t his first encounter with being briefly arrested. He recounted an altercation in New Zealand in 2010 where he found himself handcuffed by the police. Fortunately, he managed to avoid severe legal consequences in that instance as well.

“In 2010, I was involved in a fight. It was me against four guys in a Burger King on Queen Street in Auckland,” Adesanya recalled. “One of them was harassing my friend’s girlfriend, so I intervened. I took care of him and then handled his friends as well… I learned not to throw kicks in a street fight because I slipped and ended up retaliating against the other guy. When the police arrived and put me in cuffs, one of the guys with brass knuckles tried to hit me. I told the officers, ‘I didn’t start this.’

“I paused, the guy swung and missed, and I looked at the officer and said, ‘I told you.’ That’s why I don’t have a criminal record. They reviewed the footage and saw that I was merely defending myself, my friend, and his partner from a group of idiots.”

Adesanya concluded by expressing his hope that his arrest at the airport would be his first and last experience of that kind, both in America and anywhere else in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about airport arrest

What was the reason for Israel Adesanya’s airport arrest?

Israel Adesanya’s arrest at the airport was due to the discovery of brass knuckles in his possession, which led to a weapons charge. However, the charge was eventually dismissed.

How did Israel Adesanya handle the airport arrest?

Israel Adesanya mentioned that the airport security handled the situation well for the most part. He meditated while in the cell and maintained a positive mindset, viewing the experience as part of life’s journey.

What caused the airport misunderstanding?

The incident occurred because Adesanya had received brass knuckles as a gift from a fan. They were carelessly packed in his luggage while leaving New York, leading to the misunderstanding and subsequent arrest.

Did Israel Adesanya have any previous encounters with law enforcement?

Adesanya recalled a previous altercation in 2010 in New Zealand where he was briefly arrested after defending himself and his friend from a group of individuals. However, he avoided serious legal repercussions in that incident as well.

How has the airport arrest affected Israel Adesanya’s acceptance of fan gifts?

The airport arrest has made Adesanya more cautious about accepting gifts from fans. He now declines such offers to avoid potential risks or unwanted items, emphasizing the importance of maintaining personal safety and avoiding any potential harm.

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martialarts_lover June 18, 2023 - 7:54 pm

never thought i’d hear about israel adesanya gettin’ arrested. but hey, mistakes happen. he’s takin’ it all in stride and bein’ more careful ’bout acceptin’ gifts now. good call, champ!

octagon_insider June 18, 2023 - 11:57 pm

adesanya’s story is wild! from fightin’ in madison square garden to endin’ up in a jail cell at an airport. life’s unpredictable, man. but he bounces back and learns from it. true champion mentality!

fight_nerd22 June 19, 2023 - 4:13 am

lol, imagine losing ur title fight and den gettin arrested at the airport. dat’s some bad luck for israel adesanya. but he’s got a good attitude, findin’ humor in it all. respect!

UFC_fanatic June 19, 2023 - 9:04 am

adesanya’s got quite the stories to tell. fightin’ off dudes in a burger king and gettin’ arrested at the airport. he’s been through some crazy stuff. glad he’s stayin’ positive and movin’ forward.

mma_fan45 June 19, 2023 - 9:54 am

wow, israel adesanya got arrestd at da airport? dat’s crazy! i can’t believe dey found brass knucklez in his possessin! glad da charges got dropped tho.


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