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Israel Adesanya doubts Jon Jones fight ever happens, but ‘the story’s not over’

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Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya questions the possibility of a fight with Jon Jones ever materializing, but he believes there’s more to their story.

The ongoing rivalry between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones has garnered significant attention, with a single weight class previously separating them. However, now that Jones has moved up to the heavyweight division while Adesanya seeks challengers for his middleweight title, it seems unlikely that they will ever step into the octagon together.

During a recent appearance on the Impaulsive podcast, Adesanya was surprised to hear some kind words from Jones. In response, he acknowledged the mutual respect by saying, “Real recognizes real.” He further explained his statement on The MMA Hour, clarifying that their relationship wasn’t as intense as portrayed.

“It’s not a conflict,” Adesanya stated when asked about his response. “I’ve never even had a conversation with this guy, so how can I consider him a friend or have any sort of camaraderie with someone I’ve never spoken to? Yes, we’ve had our disagreements, I don’t like him, and he doesn’t like me, but we do respect each other’s skills. I was a fan of his even before I joined the UFC.”

Adesanya recalled how Jones, as the youngest UFC champion, achieved great things, and he closely followed his career. However, when Jones called him out, Adesanya was taken aback and wondered why he was being targeted. They exchanged some banter on Twitter, which Adesanya found enjoyable, but he firmly believes that the story between them is far from over.

Despite this ongoing saga, Adesanya doesn’t anticipate the fight happening inside the octagon. Although there was significant talk of Adesanya moving up to the light heavyweight division to challenge Jones while he held the title, the matchup never materialized. Adesanya later made a failed attempt to capture the light heavyweight belt against Jan Blachowicz at UFC 259.

It’s highly unlikely that Adesanya and Jones will ever face each other, a fact that doesn’t bother “The Last Stylebender” in the slightest.

“Remember Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre? Or Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva?” Adesanya remarked. “Sometimes, we don’t always get what we want, but those fights could have been some of the biggest in history. We can’t always get what we desire, but we have to accept what we get. Right now, where we stand, it’s similar to me and Alex Pereira. We’ve moved on. I think you guys are more invested in it than we are. Jones and I are just like, ‘Okay.'”

During an interview on The MMA Hour, Adesanya’s manager, Ash Belcastro, expressed more optimism regarding a potential fight between Adesanya and Jones.

“We’ll always consider that fight,” Belcastro stated. “It would be a lucrative opportunity for Israel, and both athletes have the ability to promote it effectively, benefiting the UFC financially. The future is unpredictable in this sport, so whether the fight happens or not, we’ll keep the possibility open. The door is always there.”

Interestingly, Jones has been linked more closely to a crossover boxing match against heavyweight champion Tyson Fury than any unconventional matchups in the UFC. Both Jones and Fury have publicly challenged each other, with Jones recently expressing his willingness to test his boxing skills against Fury’s.

Adesanya refrains from making a prediction for that highly unlikely fight, but he believes Fury has the potential to be competitive inside the cage.

“If anyone can do it, Fury can,” Adesanya shared, recalling a recent encounter with Fury. “I even thought, ‘Step into the cage.’ Look, all this talk about ‘You have to come to boxing, you have to come to boxing.’ I don’t understand why everyone says that. Even Tony Bellew said, ‘Don’t mess around with MMA guys. We all know what fighting is.’ Even as a kickboxer, I wouldn’t have simply jumped into the UFC without learning other martial arts to counter or defeat them in their own game. Let’s not be foolish here. In a fight, we all know what would happen if, for instance, I fought a prominent boxer.”

Adesanya acknowledged Fury’s skills and highlighted the differences between boxing gloves and MMA gloves. If Fury learns how to defend against takedowns, Adesanya believes he could pose a threat inside the cage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Israel Adesanya, Jon Jones, rivalry

Will Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones ever have a fight?

It appears unlikely that Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones will ever step into the octagon together. Despite their rivalry and verbal exchanges, the difference in weight classes and Adesanya’s focus on defending his middleweight title make a fight between them highly improbable.

Is there mutual respect between Adesanya and Jones?

While there is animosity between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones, there is also a level of mutual respect for each other’s skills. They may not be friends or have a close relationship, but they acknowledge and appreciate each other’s abilities in the sport.

Can we expect a fight between Adesanya and Jones in the future?

Although Israel Adesanya’s manager leaves the possibility open, the chances of a fight between Adesanya and Jones happening in the future seem slim. The focus has shifted to other challengers and weight divisions, making it unlikely that their paths will intersect in the octagon.

What about the potential crossover bout between Jon Jones and Tyson Fury?

There has been speculation about a crossover bout between Jon Jones and Tyson Fury, with both fighters expressing interest. While the likelihood of this fight happening is also uncertain, Adesanya believes Fury has the potential to be competitive in the MMA cage if he learns to defend against takedowns.

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