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Insane Frog Splash: How Logan Paul ‘Accidentally’ Stunned KSI at WrestleMania 39

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At WrestleMania 39, Logan Paul had a plan to help him out in his match with Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, it backfired and he ended up performing an impressive move called “Frog Splash” on his ally KSI while they were next to the announcer’s table.

Since showing up at WWE people have been impressed by how well Logan Paul is doing as a wrestler despite still being new the the field. On Saturday, he walked into the ring accompanied by someone wearing an outfit from Prime Energy drink.

There was someone special in the outfit, and it turned out to be KSI, a famous social media celebrity who is also a boxer. KSI attempted to take a selfie while assisting Paul during the match. But then Rollins pulled him onto the table as Paul jumped off the top rope, and he crashed down onto KSI who used to be his opponent but now is his friend and business partner.

Paul has done some amazing stunts since signing up with WWE. His latest at SoFi stadium in LA got the audience to their feet! Later, Paul tried to fight back by jumping off the top rope, but Rollins was too quick and hit Paul with a kick followed by a powerful stomp.

At the end of the night, Rollins won while KSI was knocked out and left lying on the ground due to a really huge jump.

Paul seems to be doing great every time he appears in WWE despite having limited experience in wrestling. Most likely, Paul will show up again soon, especially after his impressive performance at WrestleMania 39.

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