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Ilia Topuria vows to finish Alexander Volkanovski in 1st, champ fires back: ‘Do you watch me fight?’

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Ilia Topuria, unimpressed with Alexander Volkanovski’s recent performance, boldly asserts he’ll bring down the champion in the first round. Volkanovski retorts by questioning if Topuria has even seen him in action.

Topuria seemed rather indifferent about Volkanovski’s victory over Yair Rodriguez at UFC 290. He articulated his stance during a live rebuttal on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour, describing the champ’s win as nothing out of the ordinary.

In his words, Volkanovski did what was expected of him. “He did a good job, took him down, ground and pound… I was not taken aback. I saw what I was supposed to see… I’ve never been a fan of Rodriguez’s fighting style.”

Topuria goes on to declare that fighting Volkanovski would be a piece of cake for him. “Every time I ascend in the rankings, each fight becomes increasingly easy… it’s easier to strategize against technically sound fighters than unpredictable ones,” he claimed.

The undefeated fighter confidently foresees a round-one knockout against the pound-for-pound top player.

Volkanovski, however, couldn’t let this go unanswered and swiftly returned fire on the same show. “Please don’t fight Max [Holloway],” he implored Topuria, adding, “let me be the one to deliver your first loss.”

The mention of Max Holloway, another potential opponent for Topuria, brings a twist to the conversation. Topuria has expressed he would postpone a title shot for a fight with Holloway. Nevertheless, Topuria’s team has reportedly received assurances from the UFC that he is next in line for a title shot, a fact Volkanovski is also aware of.

Topuria recalls a recent faceoff with Volkanovski, initiated by the champ himself after his title consolidation against Rodriguez. When Volkanovski asked if he was ready, Topuria retorted, “I was born ready.” He added that despite being short, Volkanovski is even shorter and would have a problem handling him.

A potential delay for their matchup could be Volkanovski’s lightweight title rematch with Islam Makhachev. But Volkanovski insists he’s eager to return to action as soon as possible after his minor elbow surgery, and he’s not taking Topuria lightly.

In response to Topuria’s first-round finish prediction, Volkanovski stated, “There’s a difference between confidence and delusion. What he’s saying doesn’t really make sense… like, has he seen me fight?”

However, for Volkanovski, his top priority remains the Makhachev rematch. “The Ilia fight doesn’t present a big challenge,” he said. “But his talk is motivating and gets me excited.”

Topuria, on the other hand, is calmly waiting for Volkanovski to sign the contract for their fight, remarking, “He says that I’m the easiest fight he’s going to have in his entire career. Well, we’ll see about that. Keep the same energy, champ.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Fight Predictions

Who predicted a first-round knockout in a potential fight against Alexander Volkanovski?

Ilia Topuria, the UFC featherweight contender, predicted that he would finish Alexander Volkanovski in the first round of their potential fight.

What was Ilia Topuria’s opinion of Alexander Volkanovski’s win at UFC 290?

Ilia Topuria downplayed Volkanovski’s victory at UFC 290, stating that he was not impressed and that Volkanovski simply did what was expected of him.

What was Alexander Volkanovski’s response to Ilia Topuria’s comments?

Volkanovski replied to Topuria’s predictions and criticism by questioning if Topuria had ever seen him fight. He also challenged Topuria’s confidence and desire for a quick finish in their potential fight.

Why might the fight between Ilia Topuria and Alexander Volkanovski be delayed?

The fight might be delayed because of a potential lightweight title rematch between Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev. Volkanovski also needs to recover from minor elbow surgery.

Who does Ilia Topuria potentially want to fight other than Volkanovski?

Topuria has expressed interest in fighting Max Holloway, even to the point of postponing a title shot for such a fight.

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