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Holly Holm doesn’t see Ronda Rousey ever returning to MMA: ‘She’s not passionate about fighting anymore’

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Holly Holm believes that Ronda Rousey’s return to MMA is highly unlikely, stating that Rousey is no longer passionate about fighting. Despite Amanda Nunes’ retirement, which sparked speculation about Rousey’s potential comeback, Holm, who famously ended Rousey’s championship reign with a head kick, dismisses such notions. Instead, Holm suggests that Rousey should be allowed to find happiness in her current career as a professional wrestler, where she continues to excel in WWE.

Acknowledging Rousey’s previous status as a superstar in the sport before her losses to Holm and Nunes, it’s understandable why there is renewed interest in her return. However, Rousey has shown no indication of a desire to compete again, especially now that she is a mother and enjoys a favorable schedule in WWE, which allows her ample time with her family.

Holm speculates that the desire for Rousey’s return stems from the fans’ longing rather than any concrete intentions on Rousey’s part. Holm believes that Rousey is genuinely happier in her current pursuits and enjoys being a mother and pursuing her wrestling career. Holm firmly believes that Rousey has the freedom to do whatever she desires, having already made a name for herself in combat sports.

During her UFC career, Rousey became one of the sport’s biggest draws, second only to Conor McGregor. She was eventually inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame but remains active in WWE.

Despite the upcoming partnership between the UFC and WWE, Rousey’s involvement in MMA is unlikely to be resurrected.

Holm understands firsthand that not everyone possesses the same love for fighting, as she has experienced the challenges and sacrifices of her own combat sports career. She acknowledges the physical, mental, and emotional toll it takes and respects those who choose to walk away from the sport.

Being an older fighter herself, Holm knows that the journey of a combat sports athlete is arduous, and each fight camp takes a significant toll. She recognizes the sacrifices made by fighters and the pieces of themselves they leave behind in the octagon.

At 41 years old, Holm remains committed to her fighting career and hopes for another shot at a title in the future. However, she understands that Rousey’s path may differ and respects her decision to focus on other endeavors.

Holm emphasizes that there are various factors that can lead a fighter to retire, including physical and emotional challenges. She acknowledges the immense dedication required and the toll it takes on fighters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA comeback

Is Ronda Rousey planning a comeback to MMA?

No, according to Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey is not passionate about fighting anymore and is focused on her career in professional wrestling. She has given no indications of a desire to compete again in MMA.

Why did some people speculate about Rousey’s return after Amanda Nunes’ retirement?

After Amanda Nunes announced her retirement from MMA, some within the sport speculated that Rousey might attempt a comeback to regain the bantamweight title. Rousey had previously defended the title six times before retiring following a loss to Nunes.

What does Holly Holm think about Rousey’s potential comeback?

Holly Holm, who famously ended Rousey’s championship reign, dismisses any talk about a potential comeback. She suggests that Rousey should be allowed to find happiness in her new career in professional wrestling and enjoy her life as a mother.

Is Rousey still involved in combat sports?

While Rousey has retired from MMA, she remains physically active in her current career in WWE (professional wrestling). She is considered a top draw for WWE and continues to be involved in the world of combat sports through her wrestling endeavors.

Why do fans still hope for Rousey’s return to MMA?

Rousey was a superstar in MMA, known for her dominance and drawing power. Despite her losses to Holm and Nunes, fans still harbor a desire to see her return to the octagon due to her previous success and star status.

Does the partnership between UFC and WWE mean Rousey will return to MMA?

No, the partnership between UFC and WWE does not imply that Rousey will suddenly return to MMA. Rousey’s involvement in WWE is separate from her career in MMA, and she has not shown any intention of returning to compete in the sport.

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