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Hilarious Home Prank: Alex Pereira’s Near Miss with a Surprise Alien Encounter

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Alex Pereira Prank

In a side-splitting episode of home hilarity, Alex Pereira, the former UFC middleweight champion, found himself on the verge of delivering a knockout punch to an unexpected intruder – only to discover it was his own son behind the mask.

Pereira’s teenage sons masterminded this laugh-inducing prank, with one of them donning an Alien costume and lurking in ambush behind a wall. Meanwhile, his sibling strategically positioned himself upstairs, camera in hand, eagerly awaiting their unsuspecting father’s grand entrance. Little did “Poatan,” as Pereira is affectionately known, realize what awaited him.

As Pereira walked into his home, his reflexes kicked in, and he instinctively raised his right hand, poised to strike the would-be intruder. However, before any punches were thrown, a high-pitched scream echoed from above as his son urgently pleaded for him to hold back.

It took a brief moment for Pereira, the seasoned fighter, to register the absurdity of the situation. There, lying on the floor before him, was not an alien invader but rather his own flesh and blood, who was now contemplating the idea of taking a punch to the face in the name of this comedic caper.

In the midst of chuckles and confusion, Pereira exclaimed, “F***, this is not a joke, man,” as he addressed his mischievous offspring. His words carried the weight of both humor and exasperation. It was clear that, for Pereira, this prank had momentarily blurred the line between reality and absurdity.

The entire comical episode was promptly shared by Pereira on his social media channels, much to the amusement of his followers. It’s moments like these that remind us that even fierce fighters like Pereira have their humorous, lighter sides.

Alex Pereira, known for his prowess in professional MMA with an 8-2 record and his history as a former two-division kickboxing champion in GLORY, has most recently graced the Octagon in July. He clinched victory with a split decision over Jan Blachowicz in his light heavyweight debut. While the UFC has yet to announce his next opponent, Pereira’s fans can now revel in this offbeat, off-duty moment of hilarity, courtesy of his prankster sons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Alex Pereira Prank

Q: What exactly happened in the prank involving Alex Pereira?

A: In this prank, Alex Pereira’s sons orchestrated a hilarious surprise. One of them dressed up as an Alien and hid behind a wall in their home, while the other filmed the entire scene from an upstairs vantage point. When Pereira entered his home, his instinctual reaction was to prepare to defend himself against the supposed intruder, raising his right hand as if to punch. However, before things escalated, his son screamed from upstairs, alerting Pereira to the fact that it was just a prank. The tension between reality and absurdity in this moment made it all the more comical.

Q: Why did Alex Pereira react so defensively in the prank?

A: Alex Pereira’s defensive reaction can be attributed to his background as a professional fighter. As a former UFC middleweight champion and two-division kickboxing champion, Pereira has trained extensively to react quickly to potential threats. In this case, his reflexes kicked in when he encountered someone unexpected in his home, leading him to raise his hand defensively.

Q: How did Alex Pereira and his sons react after realizing it was just a prank?

A: After the initial shock and defensive reaction, Alex Pereira and his sons shared a moment of laughter and realization. Pereira, with a mix of humor and exasperation, exclaimed that it was “not a joke.” The entire comical episode served as a source of amusement for Pereira and his family, and he later shared the video on his social media, inviting others to share in the hilarity.

Q: What is Alex Pereira’s background in sports?

A: Alex Pereira is a highly accomplished athlete in the world of combat sports. He boasts an impressive 8-2 record as a professional MMA fighter and is renowned for his achievements in kickboxing, where he was a former two-division champion in GLORY. His success in these sports has earned him a reputation as a formidable fighter.

Q: What was Alex Pereira’s most recent fight before this prank incident?

A: Prior to the prank incident, Alex Pereira’s most recent fight occurred in July. He made his light heavyweight debut in the UFC and secured a victory via split decision over Jan Blachowicz. As of the latest information available, the UFC had not announced his next opponent, leaving fans eager for his next bout.

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fightFan123 September 18, 2023 - 10:29 pm

omg dat prank was epic, Alex Pereira’s sonz sure kno how 2 keep it fun!

UFCJunkie September 19, 2023 - 1:11 am

LOL, Pereira’s reaction, classic! #FamilyLaughs #AlexPereira

K1Kickbox September 19, 2023 - 4:56 am

dis guy, Alex Pereira, 2-division champ, but also funny dad, great combo!

SportsNerd23 September 19, 2023 - 5:01 am

Any1 kno when Pereira’s next fight’s happenin? wanna c dat champ in action!

MMAChamp55 September 19, 2023 - 10:10 am

hahaha Pereira, da fighter, got pranked, shows hez human 2, luvd it!


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