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Highlights: The Full Match Between Manon Fiorot and Rose Namajunas

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UFC Paris Match

Tune in for the video recap of the action-packed co-feature at UFC Paris, brought to you by the UFC and various other media sources.

The showdown took place on September 2nd at Accor Arena in the city of love, Paris, France. Rose Namajunas, a two-time holder of the UFC strawweight belt with an 11-6 record, ventured into the flyweight class to face French sensation Manon Fiorot, who boasted an 11-1 record. The match was live-streamed on ESPN+.

Scroll down for video highlights of the match.

For a blow-by-blow account of the fight, head over to MMA Hook’s live blog by Jed Meshew.

Round 1: A Razor-Thin Beginning

Namajunas opens in orthodox stance, while Fiorot comes out as a southpaw. Both fighters are incredibly active early on, with Fiorot taking center stage and jab-testing Namajunas, who in turn dances around the edges of the ring, seeking opportunities to counter-attack. Fiorot lands a solid right hook. Namajunas opts for leg kicks, landing a few and following up with a right hand. Can she do damage to Fiorot though?

Namajunas pulls off a clever counter, revealing a more varied fighting style than her opponent, but neither can really land any heavy blows. When Namajunas attempts a shoot, Fiorot nullifies it. Fiorot’s right hook becomes increasingly effective when Namajunas moves in. The commentators speculate that Namajunas might have dislocated a finger, though it’s not visible. Despite this, Namajunas still manages to connect a solid jab. The round closes with both fighters equally engaged but neither establishing dominance. A lethargic jab from Namajunas is met with a quick left from Fiorot.

MMA Hook’s scorecard gives the first round to Fiorot with a 10-9 score.

Round 2: The Trouble With Pinkies

Namajunas’ team indirectly confirms a problem with her pinky finger. Not the best news.

Fiorot starts the second round aggressively, and while Namajunas employs tactical angles, she can’t make any significant strikes. A clash sends Namajunas tumbling, and they end up clinched against the cage, where Fiorot delivers some painful knees. After they break free, both fighters swing but fail to land any damaging blows.

Namajunas tries to press, but Fiorot counterattacks, breathing heavily. A body kick from Namajunas is met with an equally powerful kick from Fiorot. Namajunas struggles to find a rhythm, and Fiorot’s strong right kick-right hook combo doesn’t help matters.

An unintentional clash of heads opens a gory cut on Fiorot’s forehead, but the action resumes after a brief check. Namajunas is on the defensive, and despite her efforts, Fiorot takes another round, according to MMA Hook’s 10-9 scoring, making it 20-18 in favor of Fiorot.

Round 3: A Fierce Finale

Namajunas needs a knockout or a win this round, and both fighters come out swinging.

Namajunas lands an upper kick and follows it with a failed double. Fiorot keeps landing right hooks and deflects another takedown. Namajunas keeps switching stances and lands a clean right hand, but she needs to do more. Namajunas seems more focused on dodging Fiorot’s strikes than landing her own. A sequence of heavy punches from both fighters doesn’t yield much.

With only 90 seconds left, both fighters are still neck-and-neck. A slip from Fiorot appears dramatic but is ultimately inconsequential. They clinch briefly before Fiorot breaks free with a knee, just as the final horn sounds.

MMA Hook gives the last round to Fiorot with a 10-9 score, making it a clean sweep of 30-27 in favor of Manon Fiorot.

The Verdict

Manon Fiorot clinches victory against Rose Namajunas through a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Paris Match

What was the main event of UFC Paris?

The main event of UFC Paris featured a high-stakes clash between Manon Fiorot and Rose Namajunas in a flyweight showdown.

What was the venue for UFC Paris?

UFC Paris took place at the Accor Arena in the enchanting city of Paris, France.

How did the fighters perform in Round 1?

In Round 1, both fighters showcased their skills, with Fiorot landing a good right hook and Namajunas focusing on kicks and counters.

What happened in Round 2 of the fight?

In Round 2, Namajunas encountered difficulties with a finger issue, while Fiorot continued her aggressive approach, landing combinations and controlling the pace.

How did the fight conclude in Round 3?

In Round 3, both fighters remained active, but Fiorot’s consistency earned her the victory through a unanimous decision, showcasing her dominance.

What was the final verdict of the fight?

Manon Fiorot secured victory with a unanimous decision, earning scores of 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 against Rose Namajunas.

Who provided a detailed round-by-round account of the fight?

MMA Hook’s Jed Meshew provided an in-depth round-by-round account of the fight’s action and developments.

What was the outcome of the match in terms of points?

The MMA Hook scorecard awarded Fiorot a 10-9 score for each round, leading to her 30-27 overall victory.

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