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‘He’s very special’: Coach amazed by Tom Hardy’s love for jiu-jitsu and competition

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Coach Astounded by Tom Hardy’s Passion for Jiu-Jitsu and Competition

In 2018, renowned English actor Tom Hardy made his way to a boxing club in West London for a workout session. As he prepared, putting on his gloves, he couldn’t help but notice a group of individuals engaged in intense grappling matches, dressed in white and blue gis. Given his previous role in the MMA-themed film Warrior, Hardy was no stranger to the concept.

Carlos Santos, a jiu-jitsu coach, was leading a grappling class at the time, and Hardy decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, Santos noticed that Hardy’s knee wasn’t in the best condition, and engaging in ground exchanges during grappling could potentially lead to extended periods of recovery and hinder his ability to perform in front of the camera. Aware of this, Santos suggested an introductory class for Hardy to test the waters. Undeterred, Hardy returned the following day for his first Brazilian jiu-jitsu session, and from that point on, his dedication to the art became unwavering.

“He has become absolutely devoted to jiu-jitsu,” expressed Santos in an interview with MMA Hook. “Jiu-jitsu runs through his veins, his soul, and his heart.”

Hardy’s enthusiasm led him to engage in private classes for three hours every day, Monday through Friday, until the global closure of gyms due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although his pace slowed down, he never fully stopped.

“He is an exceptional champion,” remarked Santos, who recently coached Hardy in a no-gi tournament in London, where he emerged victorious with a flawless 100% finishing rate, securing his third championship title. “He is truly special. His love for jiu-jitsu is incredible. It’s remarkable to witness someone devote themselves to the art like he does.”

Santos, a black belt under the legendary grappler Roger Gracie, implemented a rule at his gym to ensure privacy for Hardy and other notable students. No photos or videos are permitted during their training sessions, allowing them to immerse themselves in the classes without distractions.

“He wants to experience the art like any regular person,” Santos explained. “He also participates in group classes. I admire that about him. Typically, famous individuals prefer private sessions. Initially, he opted for private training to grasp the essence of the art, but then he asked to join the group classes as well—and he would continue practicing even after the class concluded.”

In the forthcoming months and years, Hardy will grace the silver screen in a variety of feature films, including Havoc, Venom 3, and The Bikeriders. Santos revealed that the actor, who holds a purple belt in jiu-jitsu, discovered a way to continue his grappling practice while away from home for filming.

“His stuntman now trains jiu-jitsu because of him,” Santos shared with a chuckle. “They train together during filming. Sometimes, I send them exercise videos, showcasing what we’re working on in the gym.”

“I feel immensely privileged and honored to train him. I was fortunate to be at the right place, at the right time, to work with him. He is truly advancing the art, and he genuinely cherishes the culture.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about jiu-jitsu dedication

Q: How did Tom Hardy get into jiu-jitsu?

A: Tom Hardy discovered jiu-jitsu while visiting a boxing club in West London. He noticed people grappling in the gym and decided to try it out. Despite initial concerns about his knee injury, he took an introductory class and became hooked on the art.

Q: How dedicated is Tom Hardy to jiu-jitsu?

A: Tom Hardy is extremely dedicated to jiu-jitsu. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, he was doing private classes for three hours a day, Monday through Friday. He even continued training while away from home for filming by practicing with his stuntman.

Q: Has Tom Hardy competed in jiu-jitsu tournaments?

A: Yes, Tom Hardy has competed in jiu-jitsu tournaments. He recently participated in a no-gi tournament in London and clinched a gold medal with a 100% finish rate. This was his third championship win in the sport.

Q: What belt level does Tom Hardy hold in jiu-jitsu?

A: Tom Hardy currently holds a purple belt in jiu-jitsu. He has been training diligently and progressing in the art under the guidance of his coach, Carlos Santos, who is a black belt under Roger Gracie.

Q: Does Tom Hardy prefer private or group jiu-jitsu classes?

A: Initially, Tom Hardy opted for private jiu-jitsu classes to understand the art better. However, he later requested to be part of group classes as well. He values the experience of training with others and continues to train even after the class is over.

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