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Gilbert Burns believes he ‘makes sense’ as first opponent for Dustin Poirier at welterweight

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Welterweight Showdown

Gilbert Burns is throwing his hat into the ring as a potential opponent for Dustin Poirier if he decides to make the move to welterweight. Burns, also known as “Durinho,” is recovering from a shoulder injury he sustained during a match against Belal Muhammad in May. He’s optimistic about being fully cleared for training by September and envisions a clash with Poirier in early 2024.

Speaking on the MMA Hook’s Trocação Franca podcast, Burns expressed his interest in facing Poirier as he transitions to the welterweight division. He acknowledges that Poirier is a highly sought-after fighter, with many competitors vying for the opportunity to face him, but he believes that the matchup makes sense given Poirier’s name recognition and his move up in weight. Burns emphasized the significance of fighting a top-five welterweight in this context.

After a productive year in 2023, where he secured victories over Neil Magny and Jorge Masvidal, Burns is looking for significant challenges in his next UFC appearance. He’s not interested in facing lower-ranked opponents, stating that such matchups hold little appeal for him. Burns remains patient while recovering from his injury and is determined to wait for a compelling fight that aligns with his goals.

Initially, Burns had contemplated a rematch with former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, whom he had previously challenged for UFC gold in 2021. However, Usman’s decision to return to his original training team in Florida has changed the dynamics of that potential matchup. Burns believes that Usman’s career is approaching its twilight phase, which reduces the likelihood of a rematch. Despite his previous aspirations, Burns acknowledges that this fight may not materialize due to Usman’s career plans.

Regarding potential opponents, Burns dismisses the idea of facing fighters like Kelvin Gastelum due to the lack of attention such a matchup would generate. Instead, he’s open to looking beyond the top five of the welterweight division, given the current congestion at the top. Burns also expresses his skepticism about Colby Covington challenging Leon Edwards for the 170-pound championship. In a humorous twist, he jokingly suggests hoping for a “double knockout” in a Covington vs. Muhammad fight, as he believes that Leon Edwards would convincingly defeat both competitors.

In summary, Gilbert Burns sees Dustin Poirier’s move to welterweight as an exciting opportunity and believes that a matchup between them would be compelling for both fighters and fans. He’s focused on meaningful challenges and is willing to wait for the right fight as he recovers from his injury. While his initial plan of a rematch with Kamaru Usman may not come to fruition, Burns remains optimistic about his future in the welterweight division and his quest for a title shot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Welterweight Showdown

Who is Gilbert Burns and what is he proposing in the welterweight division?

Gilbert Burns, also known as “Durinho,” is a fighter in the UFC. He’s suggesting a matchup against Dustin Poirier, who might be moving to the welterweight division.

What’s the significance of the potential Burns vs. Poirier fight?

Burns believes that a fight with Poirier would be exciting due to Poirier’s name and his move to welterweight. It’s seen as a compelling matchup between two accomplished fighters.

How is Gilbert Burns approaching his next fight after his recent wins?

Burns is aiming for meaningful challenges and is uninterested in lower-ranked opponents. He’s willing to wait for the right opportunity as he recovers from a shoulder injury.

Wasn’t Burns considering a rematch with Kamaru Usman?

Yes, Burns had plans for a rematch with Usman, but Usman’s decision to return to his original training team has changed the dynamics of that potential matchup.

Why is Burns skeptical about facing fighters like Kelvin Gastelum?

Burns believes that fighting lower-ranked opponents like Gastelum wouldn’t generate much attention. He’s looking for matchups that have more significance.

What’s Burns’ take on Colby Covington challenging Leon Edwards?

Burns expresses doubt about the logic behind a Covington vs. Edwards fight, suggesting a humorous “double knockout” scenario and favoring Edwards to beat both fighters.

Is Burns optimistic about his future in the welterweight division?

Yes, despite the changes in his plans, Burns remains positive about his future in the division and his pursuit of a title shot. He’s focused on compelling challenges.

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