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Get the Highlights of Anthony Joshua vs. Jermaine Franklin Full Fight Video

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On April 1, Anthony Joshua (25-3) fought Jermaine Franklin (21-2) on The 02 in London, England. You can watch the full fight highlights of the match from DAZN and other sources. Stream all the best moments from this interesting battle below. If you want to get detailed information regarding Joshua vs. Franklin, read through the live blog we have provided.

Anthony Joshua is ready to make a comeback! He has good odds of winning with 16-1 and he’s very focused. As his opponent, Jermaine Franklin steps in the ring, Marcus McDonnell holds the referee role. The crowd boos at Franklin but cheers for Joshua as they touch gloves. They start by Joshua throwing quick jabs and then a stiff left hand. He stops to hug Franklin twice during the break before ending round one with a score of 10-9 Joshua. We now move on to round two!

Joshua goes back to the center of the ring and begins with a jab. He then punches hard again, but the referee warns Franklin for pushing away during clinch breaks. Joshua throws a right hand and follows it up with an overhand that hits near Franklin’s ear. Neither man has much energy in their fights so they keep on clinching together multiple times in a row, while Joshua leans his weight onto Franklin every time they get close. This round is scored 10-9 by Joshua (79-73).

Round 9: The fight isn’t going so well. Franklin is trying to attack the body, but Joshua keeps blocking him by holding him tight. Franklin gets a warning from the ref for doing too much clinching. He tries to throw a punch but gets pulled back into the bear hug. Finally, the ref has enough and scolds them both before Franklin finally lands one good right hand! Joshua keeps punching with his jabs then clinches when Franklin tries to attack. Overall, it’s 10-9 in favor of Franklin. (Joshua still wins 88-83 overall.)

Round 10: Anthony Joshua has been fighting but it doesn’t seem like people are excited about it. They’re exchanging punches and jabs, with both of them trying their best to get a hit in. Even the corner people (the helpers) keep shouting at him to throw his hands out more often. Joshua tried to punch Franklin but missed, which then made Franklin punch back. That moment was their best exchange of the fight by far! After that, Joshua went back to punching from further away and also tried to lock him close up for safety. Franklin tried his best too, but didn’t land any hits. At the end it was a good round and Anthony Joshua won 98-92 (10-9).

Franklin threw a couple of jabs, but then he got stuck. Joshua landed some strong shots to Franklin’s body. But then Franklin fought back by hitting Joshua with a punch that was really powerful! He jumped up and down and tried to attack again, but ended up being held in another clinch. Joshua managed to hit him just one more time before the referee stopped them from fighting. According to MMA Fighting, the score was 10-9 for Franklin.(107-102 for Joshua.)

Joshua only has three minutes to get the promised knock out. They clinch and Joshua gets in some body shots, but Franklin won’t stay locked in there so he gets a warning from the referee. Joshua then quickly throws his jab, followed by a big right hook and two uppercuts and this earns boos from the crowd. Franklin tries with all his might for one last combo, but unfortunately nothing can land on target. After that, they start arguing, so that concludes a not-so-great round for them. According to MMA Fighting, Joshua wins 10-9!

The official say that Anthony Joshua won in his fight against Jermaine Franklin after all three judges agreed with the same decision (118-111, 117-111, 117-111).

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