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Gegard Mousasi Accuses Derek Brunson of Dodging Fight, Brunson Claps Back

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Mousasi-Brunson rivalry

The tension between Gegard Mousasi and Derek Brunson is heating up on the digital front, though a physical showdown doesn’t seem imminent.

Amidst their online quarrel, Mousasi aired his frustration on Twitter this Wednesday. He claimed that the PFL had proposed a matchup between him and Brunson, but Brunson turned it down.

Mousasi’s tweet reads as follows:

Update: The PFL is keen on arranging a fight between me and @DerekBrunson soon. Once again, Derek has declined the offer. He’s clearly not interested. This marks the third time he’s backed out from facing me over the years. A real disappointment for the fans. I’m hopeful the PFL will line up another middleweight opponent for me. I’m geared up and ready to go @BretOkomotoESPN @arielhelwani pic.twitter.com/LNM5jHjAsp

— Gegard Mousasi (@mousasi_mma) December 20, 2023

“Update: The PFL is eager to have me square off against Derek Brunson soon,” Mousasi stated. “Derek has again opted out of the fight. He appears completely disinterested. He’s dodged me three times now over these years. It’s the fans who are missing out. I’m optimistic the PFL will secure another middleweight contender for me. I’m all set and waiting.”

Mousasi’s last fight was under the Bellator banner, which the PFL acquired this past November. There are yet no fight announcements for 2024 regarding the former Bellator roster.

Brunson, after a triumphant PFL debut where he outclassed two-time welterweight champion Ray Cooper III in a middleweight clash, refuted Mousasi’s claims. He emphasized his current focus on family time rather than avoiding Mousasi.

Stop the exaggeration @mousasi_mma. Nobody’s ducking you. I’m just savoring holiday moments with my family and kids. Missed Thanksgiving already. I’m not about to commit to a fight without a proper training camp. Cut it out, man. @PFLMMA

— Derek Brunson (@DerekBrunson) December 21, 2023

“Cut the nonsense,” Brunson responded. “I’m not avoiding anyone. I’m currently relishing the holiday season with my family and kids. I’ve already had to skip Thanksgiving. I’m not going to agree to a bout without sufficient preparation time. Cool it, buddy.”

The history between Brunson and Mousasi dates back to when they were slated to clash at UFC 200 in July 2016. However, due to vision issues, Brunson had to pull out, and Thiago Santos stepped in as a replacement. Mousasi emerged victorious against Santos with a first-round knockout.

During their tenure in the UFC, both fighters were among the top 10 middleweights. Mousasi left the UFC in 2017 and later secured the Bellator middleweight title in 2020. Brunson, with a record of 14-7 in the UFC, transitioned to the PFL earlier this year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mousasi-Brunson rivalry

Who is Gegard Mousasi accusing of avoiding a fight?

Gegard Mousasi is accusing Derek Brunson of avoiding a fight with him, as stated in a tweet where Mousasi claims Brunson refused a fight offer from PFL.

What was Derek Brunson’s response to Mousasi’s accusation?

Derek Brunson responded to Mousasi’s accusation by denying that he is avoiding the fight. He stated that he is currently enjoying time with his family and does not want to commit to a fight without a proper training camp.

Have Gegard Mousasi and Derek Brunson fought before?

No, Gegard Mousasi and Derek Brunson have not fought before. They were scheduled to meet at UFC 200 in 2016, but the fight was cancelled due to an issue with Brunson’s vision.

What is the professional background of Gegard Mousasi and Derek Brunson?

Gegard Mousasi and Derek Brunson are both experienced middleweight MMA fighters. Mousasi has been a champion in Bellator, while Brunson has competed in both the UFC and PFL, holding impressive records in both promotions.

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MMAjunkie December 22, 2023 - 2:23 pm

Brunson’s got a point, family first always. But he should just admit he’s avoiding Mousasi, it’s kinda obvious…

TheCageMaster December 22, 2023 - 3:54 pm

Did anyone catch that Mousasi beat Santos at UFC 200? that was epic, wish we could’ve seen him and Brunson go at it back then.


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