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Garry Tonon happy grapplers finally getting paid real money, but his focus remains on MMA

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Garry Tonon is pleased to see grapplers finally receiving substantial pay, but his primary focus remains on MMA. Just a few years ago, Tonon, recognized as one of the world’s top grapplers, started earning real money when many Brazilian jiu-jitsu stylists realized that financial success was unlikely through tournaments or superfight competitions.

Previously, grappling competitions served as a means to build a reputation that could be leveraged for opening a school or teaching. However, the landscape is changing. More investments are pouring into Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions, exemplified by Tonon’s longtime teammate Gordon Ryan, who secured a deal guaranteeing him a minimum of $1 million for grappling competitions alone in early 2023.

Tonon acknowledged the pioneers who came before his generation, who had to explore other opportunities beyond competing full time in order to make money. He appreciates that the current climate allows grapplers to solely focus on grappling and avoid transitioning to MMA.

While Ryan planned to transition into MMA but later decided to prioritize his grappling career, Tonon opted to pursue a career in fighting. He currently boasts a 7-1 record in ONE Championship, with his upcoming bout against undefeated prospect Shamil Gasanov scheduled for ONE Fight Night 12, available on Amazon Prime in the U.S.

Despite being glad that many of his friends and teammates can now make a living solely through grappling, Tonon has no plans to abandon his MMA career. Although he still enjoys grappling and might consider returning for a competition or two in the future, his true passion lies in MMA at the moment.

Tonon emphasized his dedication to MMA, stating that winning his next fight could potentially lead to a title run. While he might consider participating in grappling matches, he acknowledges the time commitment required and the potential disruption to his fighting career. Ultimately, winning a title holds significant importance to him, making MMA his top priority.

During his grappling career, Tonon engaged in several high-profile matches against esteemed grapplers. Notably, he developed a heated rivalry with Dillon Danis, who was once a prominent figure in the grappling circuit but briefly explored an MMA career and subsequently reduced his competition involvement.

Tonon recalled the memorable moment in 2017 when he imitated Conor McGregor’s strut after defeating Danis—a playful reference to Danis’ association with McGregor—signaling Tonon’s transition to MMA.

Regarding the possibility of revisiting the rivalry with Danis in a future grappling match, Tonon sighed and expressed his inclination to ignore Danis’ existence. He acknowledged that Danis actively generates drama and garners attention through social media, as he is no longer competing in sports. Tonon recognized Danis’ transition to an entertainer and preferred not to engage in negativity towards him, considering his social media presence to be his current career.

In conclusion, Tonon appreciates the increased financial opportunities for grapplers but remains dedicated to his MMA career, prioritizing his upcoming fight and potential title opportunities. He chooses to distance himself from the rivalry with Danis, focusing on his own path in the world of combat sports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA career

Q: Is Garry Tonon planning to transition from MMA to grappling due to the increasing financial opportunities?

A: No, Garry Tonon is dedicated to his MMA career and has no plans to abandon it for grappling, despite the rising financial opportunities in the grappling world. He still enjoys grappling and may consider participating in a competition or two in the future, but his primary focus remains on MMA.

Q: What is Garry Tonon’s record in ONE Championship?

A: Garry Tonon currently holds a 7-1 record in ONE Championship, showcasing his success in the promotion.

Q: Will Garry Tonon engage in a future grappling match against Dillon Danis?

A: Garry Tonon prefers to distance himself from any rivalry with Dillon Danis. He chooses to ignore Danis’ presence and focuses on his own path in the world of combat sports. Engaging in a future grappling match with Danis is not a priority for Tonon.

Q: How did Garry Tonon’s transition into MMA from grappling come about?

A: After being recognized as one of the top grapplers in the world, Garry Tonon made the transition to MMA. He famously imitated Conor McGregor’s strut after defeating Dillon Danis in a grappling match, symbolizing his move towards MMA. Tonon’s decision to pursue a career in fighting was driven by his passion for MMA and the opportunities it presented.

Q: What are Garry Tonon’s thoughts on the financial evolution of grappling?

A: Garry Tonon acknowledges the positive changes in the grappling world, with more investments and increased financial opportunities. He appreciates that many of his friends and teammates can now make a living exclusively through grappling. However, Tonon remains committed to his MMA career and considers grappling as a secondary interest for now.

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MMAWarrior July 15, 2023 - 7:51 am

tonon knows what he wants and it’s the mma title. grappling is fun but it’s all about the fighting. hope he wins his next fight and gets that title shot. dillon danis should stop talking and start competing again.

John86 July 15, 2023 - 8:39 am

wow garry tonon seems really focused on his mma career i think it’s cool that he’s not giving up on his dreams even though there’s more money in grappling. i hope he keeps winning and gets that title shot!

GrapplingEnthusiast July 15, 2023 - 9:25 am

it’s great to see more money coming into grappling but i understand tonon’s focus on mma. he’s got the skills and the drive to make it big in the fighting world. can’t wait to see his next fight!

JiuJitsuFanatic July 15, 2023 - 4:44 pm

i respect tonon for sticking to mma even with all the money in grappling. he’s got that fire and determination. danis should stop with the social media drama and get back on the mats. tonon is on another level now!

FightFan42 July 15, 2023 - 6:56 pm

tonon’s record in one championship is 7-1 that’s impressive man he’s really making a name for himself. i remember when he did that strut after beating dillon danis lol classic moment. i’d love to see them go at it again in grappling!


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