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Gamebred Boxing 4 Results: Jose Aldo & Jeremy Stephens Put on a Show in Majority Draw

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Jose Aldo and Jeremy Stephens fought each other for six rounds at Gamebred Boxing 4, and the result was a draw. Despite their past fight in the UFC, Stephens still put up an amazing performance, throwing powerful punches throughout the entire match. Aldo seemed to be more skillful and adept, but Stephens never gave up. Both of them kept going until the end of the fight.

When the fight was over, one judge thought Aldo had won 58-56 but the other two judges said it was a tie at 57-57. So in the end, they called it a draw.

Aldo said afterwards that he knew Jeremy was very tough and that his corner told him he was winning – so he chose to keep fighting right despite being lighter than Jeremy and knowing Jeremy had knockout power.

Jorge Masvidal thanked Aldo for this chance and mentioned how he thinks he won easily without even getting hit. When the match began, Aldo used a mix of quick movements, good technique and punches to hit his opponent. A jab was especially helpful as Aldo kept himself safe while launching it into Stephens.

Stephens tried to punch back with powerful punches, but Aldo replied strongly. He was patient and when he got the chance, he punched Stephens a lot of times in quick succession. Even though his fighting style wasn’t as good as Aldo’s, Stephens still stood still and threw some hard punches himself, which made Aldo careful about how he exchanges blows with him.

In the fourth round of the match, Stephens kept pushing forward and hitting Aldo with powerful punches. Though he was beginning to slow down, Stephens could still pack a punch that had enough strength to knock someone out. Meanwhile, Aldo’s combos were just as fast and his right hand often landed whether it was heading for either their head or body.

With only seconds left, Aldo and Stephens each put on mouthguard and started punching as hard as they could to finish a really exciting fight.

Following the match, Stephens asked for another fight between him and Aldo. He said he wanted to fight again with Aldo after the draw on Saturday.

“I really respect Jose Aldo,” Stephens exclaimed. “Let’s have round 3 – he’s an amazing champion!”

Aldo was eager for another battle, feeling like he should have won the last one against Stephens.

He said excitedly, “Yeah, sure! No problem.”

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