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Full Fight Video Highlights: Alexandre Pantoja vs. Brandon Moreno

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UFC 290 co-main event

Check out the complete video highlights of the thrilling encounter between Alexandre Pantoja and Brandon Moreno in the co-main event of UFC 290. Witness the intense showdown as the UFC flyweight champion, Moreno, squared off against Pantoja for the third time. The event took place on July 8 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, as part of UFC 290: Volkanovski vs. Rodriguez. Watch the action-packed fight, brought to you by the UFC and various media outlets.

Round 1: Right from the start, Pantoja displayed an aggressive approach, pressing Moreno against the cage with a body lock. Moreno remained composed, controlling the situation and preventing any significant offense from either fighter. However, Pantoja managed to turn the tables briefly, landing a knee as they separated. Moreno responded with precise jabs and a successful counter. After stuffing a takedown, he unleashed a powerful combination. Pantoja connected with a punch, causing Moreno to momentarily drop. Pantoja capitalized by landing heavy elbows while Moreno defended from half guard. Despite weathering the storm, Moreno regained his footing, trading jabs and combinations. Pantoja exhibited resilience, absorbing Moreno’s punches. Moreno backed him up with a left hook, but both fighters continued to exchange blows. Moreno attempted a takedown, which Pantoja defended and countered. Round 1 concluded, favoring the challenger.

Round 2: Pantoja seemed willing to absorb punches to deliver his own heavy shots. Moreno relentlessly attacked with combinations, while Pantoja absorbed the punishment. Both fighters engaged in a fierce exchange, seemingly neglecting defense. Unexpectedly, Moreno secured a back take, gaining advantageous positioning on the ground. Pantoja managed to escape, but Moreno remained in control. Back on their feet, Moreno landed a significant left and a powerful right, asserting his dominance. His jab proved effective, causing damage to Pantoja. Pantoja retaliated with a body shot, but Moreno replied with a crisp left to the head. Moreno showcased impressive striking skills, delivering a 1-2 combination. Pantoja retaliated, but Moreno caught a kick and executed a takedown. Round 2 ended with Moreno leading in the scorecards.

Round 3: The round commenced with grappling exchanges interrupted briefly by a low blow from Pantoja. Moreno swiftly resumed the fight. Pantoja seized an opportunity for a fast back-take, attempting a submission. Moreno displayed exceptional defense, focused on controlling Pantoja’s hands. Pantoja maintained a tight body triangle, but Moreno persevered, transitioning into Pantoja’s guard. Eventually, both fighters returned to their feet. Moreno’s jabs continued to land effectively, and both fighters traded powerful shots. Moreno concluded a combination with a head kick, demonstrating impressive striking skills. Pantoja retaliated with a hard blow to the body. Moreno persisted in his quest for a head kick, with Pantoja defending skillfully. Moreno successfully thwarted a takedown attempt. Pantoja relentlessly pursued another takedown and succeeded. Moreno attempted an omoplata, but Pantoja escaped, albeit losing his position. From the bottom, Pantoja posed a threat. Moreno attempted to keep Pantoja down, but Pantoja persevered, regaining his feet. Both fighters exhibited signs of bloodshed. The round ended in a close contest.

Round 4: Moreno continued to employ jabs effectively, targeting Pantoja’s body and head. Pantoja managed to land an uppercut. Moreno’s jabs persisted, but Pantoja showed resilience, marching forward and landing powerful shots. Moreno delivered a significant body shot, followed by an elbow. Pantoja responded with a crucial takedown. Moreno showcased his agility, escaping Pantoja’s control and returning to his feet with the assistance of the fence. Pantoja executed another takedown, resulting in limited offense but maintaining control over Moreno. Pantoja briefly took Moreno’s back before being shaken off, yet he maintained a body lock. The crowd grew restless as the fighters engaged in a grappling stalemate against the fence. Pantoja executed a trip, aiming for an arm-triangle, but Moreno defended and reversed the situation. Moreno risked up-kicks to deliver ground-and-pound strikes. The round concluded with Moreno landing punches and concluding with a well-placed step-in elbow.

Round 5: The final round began with a relatively measured approach from both fighters. Neither corner appeared confident that their fighter had a clear advantage. Jabs were exchanged, and Pantoja connected with a left hand. Pantoja retaliated with an uppercut, and Moreno responded with powerful lefts. Both fighters refused to relinquish ground during this round. Pantoja targeted the body, while Moreno executed a left hook. It seemed as though both fighters were searching for a definitive finish to secure the victory. Pantoja executed a takedown, but Moreno stood up with Pantoja on his back. With less than two minutes remaining, Pantoja showcased an extended period of control from the back position. This dominant display should grant him the round, but did he do enough to win the fight?

The judges’ scorecards resulted in a split decision victory for Alexandre Pantoja, with scores of 46-49, 48-47, and 48-47.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 290 co-main event

Q: Where did the fight between Alexandre Pantoja and Brandon Moreno take place?

A: The fight between Alexandre Pantoja and Brandon Moreno took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of UFC 290: Volkanovski vs. Rodriguez.

Q: Who won the fight between Alexandre Pantoja and Brandon Moreno?

A: Alexandre Pantoja won the fight via split decision, with the judges’ scores being 46-49, 48-47, and 48-47 in his favor.

Q: Were there any significant moments in the fight?

A: Yes, there were several significant moments in the fight, including Pantoja landing heavy elbows on Moreno while in half guard, Moreno securing a back take and landing powerful strikes, and Pantoja executing takedowns and maintaining control against the fence.

Q: What round did the fight go to?

A: The fight went the full five rounds, with each round showcasing intense exchanges and grappling exchanges between Pantoja and Moreno.

Q: How can I watch the full fight video highlights?

A: You can watch the full fight video highlights of Alexandre Pantoja vs. Brandon Moreno from the co-main event of UFC 290 through various outlets, including the UFC’s official channels and other media outlets.

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SportsJunkie July 10, 2023 - 1:01 pm

Pantoja vs Moreno was fire!! Both fighters showd heart & skill. Those jabs & combos, so fast! Pantoja’s takedowns & Moreno’s submission defense were awesome. Split decision win, congrats to Pantoja! #UFC290 #FightNight

FightGamePro July 11, 2023 - 5:58 am

Pantoja & Moreno threw down at UFC 290! that back-take by Moreno was slick, but Pantoja’s elbows were vicious. Close fight, split decision win for Pantoja! Can’t wait for the rematch. #MMA #UFCFlyweight


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