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Francis Ngannou Responds to Deontay Wilder and Dana White’s Tyson Fury Offer

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Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou pleasantly surprised by Deontay Wilder’s appearance at PFL event

During the recent PFL 4 event, Francis Ngannou was taken aback by Deontay Wilder’s unexpected presence, but he welcomed the former boxing champion’s participation.

Wilder proposed a two-fight deal with Ngannou, a conversation that Ngannou acknowledged in an interview with The Schmo.

“We had been discussing this earlier in the year before the potential fight in December was announced,” Ngannou shared. “That’s why we decided to postpone it and let him conclude his business in December, but we were genuinely interested in a two-fight agreement.”

Wilder might face fellow former champion Anthony Joshua towards the end of the year, which could pave the way for a potential fight against Ngannou in 2024, when Ngannou is expected to commence his PFL journey.

“I’m open to whatever is feasible,” Ngannou stated. “Anyone who is ready. But we had an extensive conversation with Deontay and his team.”

During the PFL broadcast, Wilder sported a pair of their gloves and pondered the impact of his punches with four-ounce gloves. At 37 years old, he seemed more inclined to explore MMA compared to his three-time rival, Tyson Fury, who expressed interest in a boxing match with Ngannou using MMA gloves but never followed through.

Ngannou, who relinquished the UFC heavyweight belt by refusing to sign a new contract, dismissed the notion of a potential hybrid boxing/MMA fight with Fury.

“Tyson wouldn’t be willing to do that,” he clarified. “Certainly, I would be willing to do it. Martial arts is my comfort zone, so I would definitely embrace that opportunity. But no, he doesn’t want that.”

Fury clarified his intention to focus solely on boxing after a playful exchange with UFC commentator Joe Rogan escalated into an extensive online debate involving Jon Jones, Ngannou, and UFC President Dana White. White even offered Jones, the current UFC heavyweight champion, for a boxing match against Fury.

Ngannou doubts White’s ability to sway Fury any more than he can.

“I’m not concerned about that,” stated the newly-signed PFL fighter. “There’s a difference between what Dana White says and what Tyson Fury desires. As of now, I believe it’s more likely for us to have that fight, but nothing has been arranged yet.

“[Fury] won’t compete in MMA. He won’t enter the cage. He made that clear. He’s strictly a ring fighter.”

Fury might face Joshua towards the end of the year, while Ngannou, as of now, is solely committed to MMA.

“Inside the cage, definitely in 2024,” Ngannou confirmed. “As for the ring, I’m not entirely sure yet, but it could still happen this year. Nothing is guaranteed, but inside the cage, it will be early next year in the PFL.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Potential fights

Q: What did Deontay Wilder propose to Francis Ngannou at the PFL event?

A: Deontay Wilder proposed a two-fight exchange with Francis Ngannou at the PFL event, expressing his interest in facing him in the future.

Q: Did Francis Ngannou confirm his talks with Deontay Wilder?

A: Yes, Francis Ngannou confirmed that he had conversations with Deontay Wilder earlier in the year, discussing a potential two-fight deal.

Q: Is Francis Ngannou interested in a hybrid boxing/MMA fight with Tyson Fury?

A: No, Francis Ngannou dismissed the idea of a hybrid fight with Tyson Fury, stating that Fury is not willing to compete in MMA and prefers to stick to boxing in the ring.

Q: What is Francis Ngannou’s stance on fighting in the cage versus the ring?

A: Francis Ngannou is committed to MMA and will fight inside the cage in the PFL, with plans to compete in 2024. As for the ring, the timing is uncertain, but a fight may still happen this year.

Q: What was Dana White’s offer regarding Tyson Fury?

A: Dana White offered to lend Jon Jones, the current UFC heavyweight champion, for a boxing match against Tyson Fury, but Francis Ngannou doubts White’s ability to convince Fury to accept the offer.

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