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Francis Ngannou Open to Facing Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua in Different Combat Arenas

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Combat Sports Showdowns

Francis Ngannou, the renowned heavyweight fighter, is open to taking on some of the biggest challenges in combat sports, and he’s willing to adapt to different rules to make the fights fair. While his preference leans toward a rematch with heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, Ngannou is exploring other options, including potential clashes with boxing stars Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua.

Ngannou’s journey into the world of professional boxing in October was nothing short of remarkable, despite losing a split decision to Tyson Fury. This electrifying debut caught the attention of the boxing world, with top-ranked boxers like Anthony Joshua expressing interest in facing him.

Responding to Joshua’s challenge, Ngannou confidently stated, “Even Tyson Fury said the same thing, and Tyson Fury is better than Anthony Joshua. What do I care about what people say? I’ve been in this game for so long. I’ve seen so much. I’ve heard so much about what people intend to do. There’s a difference between wanting to do and being able to do.”

Ngannou is open to the idea of facing Joshua, but he expects the fight to happen in the realm of boxing. The 2012 Olympic gold medalist would have little chance against Ngannou in an MMA bout. Ngannou believes that his ability to adapt to different combat arenas sets him apart from the best boxers in the world. He can comfortably step into a boxing ring and give them a run for their money, but the same cannot be said for a boxer attempting MMA.

“Anything that he wants. Ring or octagon,” Ngannou said of Joshua. “The good thing is I’m the one that can go everywhere comfortably. My comfort zone will be the octagon, but I’m going to the ring and putting them in a bad spot in the ring.”

Ngannou’s confidence extends to Deontay Wilder as well, although he has more faith in Wilder’s potential in MMA compared to Joshua. Wilder has shown interest in crossing over to MMA in the past, and there have been discussions about a mixed-rules fight between him and Ngannou possibly happening in 2024.

Ngannou remarked, “Let’s say he’s not fighting me, he’s fighting somebody else. I look at the profile of that fighter, I put my money on Deontay. Because he just needs to cut somebody to land a punch. It could also be a mixed rules [fight]. Because honestly it’s going to be too hard for him if it’s not mixed rules.”

Ngannou is eager for his next opponent, and he revealed that even before his fight with Tyson Fury, discussions were underway with Deontay Wilder about the possibility of a showdown in MMA. The prospect of Ngannou taking on these boxing giants in different combat arenas is certainly tantalizing for fans of combat sports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Combat Sports Showdowns

Q: Who is Francis Ngannou considering facing in combat sports?

A: Francis Ngannou is considering facing top boxers like Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua in either boxing matches or mixed-rules fights.

Q: Why is Francis Ngannou open to adapting to different rules for these fights?

A: Ngannou believes that adapting to different combat arenas sets him apart, as he can comfortably compete in both boxing and MMA. He’s confident that his opponents would struggle in an MMA bout against him.

Q: Is Francis Ngannou interested in a rematch with Tyson Fury?

A: Yes, Ngannou prefers a rematch with Tyson Fury, the heavyweight boxing champion, over other options. Their previous bout ended in a split decision in Fury’s favor.

Q: What makes Deontay Wilder a potential opponent for Francis Ngannou?

A: Deontay Wilder has shown interest in crossing over to MMA and has discussed the possibility of facing Ngannou in a mixed-rules fight, making him a realistic opponent.

Q: What does Francis Ngannou believe sets him apart from the best boxers in the world?

A: Ngannou’s ability to adapt to different combat arenas, such as boxing and MMA, sets him apart. He can comfortably compete in boxing matches and give top boxers a challenging fight, but they would struggle in an MMA bout against him.

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SportsFan45 December 8, 2023 - 12:08 am

francis ngannou is a beast! he can fight in boxing or MMA. wilder better in MMA. Joshua maybe not so much. Exciting stuff!

MovieBuff_23 December 8, 2023 - 12:44 am

Ngannou boxing match? That’s crazy! Fury rematch would be epic tho.

TechGeek99 December 8, 2023 - 8:19 am

Ngannou’s versatility is awesome. He can dominate in different rings. MMA is his zone! #CombatKing


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