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Former Coach Daniel Wanderley Explains Training Patricio Pitbull for Bellator 297

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Bellator 297

In preparation for his historic endeavor at Bellator 297, Patricio Pitbull sought the expertise of a special coach.

The reigning Bellator featherweight king, who previously held the lightweight belt, decided to drop down to bantamweight to challenge Sergio Pettis, the current champion, in Chicago on Friday. To ensure his readiness, Pitbull enlisted the services of jiu-jitsu coach Daniel Wanderley, who had previously trained the Pettis brothers, Sergio and Anthony, during his tenure at Roufusport MMA.

During an interview on the MMA Hook’s Trocação Franca podcast, Wanderley expressed his deep admiration and respect for Sergio, describing him as a talented athlete and a remarkable individual. He also mentioned his eight-year involvement in Sergio’s career, from the age of 18 to 26, but acknowledged that their paths had diverged.

Wanderley believes that Pettis, being mature and level-headed, won’t feel disrespected by seeing his former coach training his opponent. In fact, Wanderley took Emmanuel Sanchez with him to Natal, Brazil, to assist Pitbull in his preparations for Bellator 297. Sanchez had previously fought the Brazilian twice, both times with Wanderley in his corner.

Nonetheless, Wanderley expects his presence to have an impact on the reigning Bellator champion.

“I believe he will be taken aback when he sees me on the opposing side of the cage,” Wanderley remarked. “For eight years, I stood behind him, supporting him from his corner and sharing countless nights in hotel rooms. We had a strong connection, but we ended things on good terms. It won’t affect our relationship. Patricio is a consummate professional, and we approached this strategically. We aren’t insulting anyone or engaging in any misconduct.”

Wanderley expressed his satisfaction with the way Pettis is handling the situation naturally, but he is confident that it will have a slight effect on him. Notably, Wanderley resides just ten minutes away from Pettis, and the fight takes place in Chicago. Additionally, he has two other students fighting on the same night, and there exists a healthy rivalry between their respective gyms. While Wanderley acknowledges that some individuals have labeled him a traitor online, he believes otherwise. When he departed from Roufusport, his former colleagues had the option to continue training with him, but they chose not to due to personal reasons. Sergio has found a new coach, and Wanderley cannot simply halt his own career.

Pettis’ last fight dates back to December 2021, when he defended his 135-pound crown by knocking out Kyoji Horiguchi with a spinning backfist, bringing his record in Bellator to an impressive 4-0. Pitbull, on the other hand, has secured three consecutive victories, including a redemption win against A.J. McKee, as well as triumphs over Adam Borics and RIZIN champion Kleber Koike.

Wanderley predicts that Pitbull will succeed in bringing Pettis to the ground and eventually submit him, potentially with a guillotine or a rear-naked choke. He draws a parallel with Pitbull’s second fight against Emmanuel Sanchez, where a similar outcome occurred. Wanderley’s observations during training sessions have unveiled Pitbull’s impressive jiu-jitsu skills and exceptional wrestling, aspects that have yet to be fully showcased in his fights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bellator 297

Who did Patricio Pitbull enlist as his coach for Bellator 297?

Patricio Pitbull enlisted jiu-jitsu coach Daniel Wanderley to join his camp for Bellator 297.

How long did Daniel Wanderley train Sergio Pettis and his brother Anthony Pettis?

Daniel Wanderley trained Sergio and Anthony Pettis for a span of eight years during his time at Roufusport MMA.

Will Daniel Wanderley’s involvement affect the relationship between Sergio Pettis and himself?

Daniel Wanderley believes that while his involvement may have a slight impact, the relationship between him and Sergio Pettis ended on good terms and should not be significantly affected.

What predictions did Daniel Wanderley make about the outcome of the fight?

Daniel Wanderley predicts that Patricio Pitbull will knock Sergio Pettis down and eventually submit him, potentially with a guillotine or a rear-naked choke, drawing comparisons to Pitbull’s previous fights.

How has the training camp been for Patricio Pitbull and Daniel Wanderley?

The training camp for Patricio Pitbull, with the guidance of Daniel Wanderley, has focused on Pitbull’s jiu-jitsu skills and wrestling abilities, with Wanderley noting impressive aspects that have yet to be fully displayed in Pitbull’s fights.

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