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Fighter’s Premature Celebration Follows Devastating Groin Shot in ONE Fight Night 12

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Premature celebration

In a thrilling match at ONE Fight Night 12, Banma Duoji found himself in a peculiar situation after landing a powerful blow to Walter Goncalves’ groin. What initially appeared to be a fierce ground and pound finish turned into a painful turn of events.

The incident occurred on Friday night as Duoji stood over his opponent. Intent on delivering a body shot, his punch landed directly on Goncalves’ groin, leaving him writhing in immediate agony.

Referee Herb Dean intervened to halt the action, but Duoji, caught up in the heat of the moment, mistakenly believed he had secured a victory. With sheer elation, he leaped onto the ring ropes, arms triumphantly raised.

Only a few seconds later did the announcement clarify that the fight had been paused due to Goncalves’ injury from the low blow. Despite the setback, Goncalves displayed resilience by rising to his feet and continuing the bout. However, Duoji maintained control for the rest of the fight, ultimately claiming a unanimous decision victory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Premature celebration

Q: What happened during ONE Fight Night 12?

A: During ONE Fight Night 12, fighter Banma Duoji landed a powerful groin shot on his opponent, Walter Goncalves, leading to a pause in the action due to injury.

Q: Did Banma Duoji think he had won the fight?

A: Yes, Banma Duoji prematurely celebrated after the groin shot, mistakenly believing he had secured a victory. He jumped up and even climbed onto the ring ropes in celebration.

Q: How did the fight end?

A: Despite the pause for Goncalves’ injury, the fight continued. Banma Duoji maintained control and went on to win the fight by unanimous decision.

Q: What role did the referee play in this incident?

A: Referee Herb Dean stepped in to pause the action and announce an injury timeout after Goncalves suffered the low blow. He ensured the safety and fair play of the fighters.

Q: Was Walter Goncalves able to continue after the groin shot?

A: Despite the pain from the groin shot, Walter Goncalves displayed resilience and was able to continue the fight, demonstrating his determination and toughness.

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mmaFan93 July 18, 2023 - 11:35 am

wow, this fight at one fight night 12 was crazy! banma duoji landed a gnarly groin shot on walter goncalves, but then prematurely celebrated! haha he fought like a champ tho and won by unanimous decision. #prematurecelebration #fighterstruggles

MMAinsider July 19, 2023 - 12:46 am

incredible turn of events at ONE Fight Night 12! banma duoji thought he finished the fight with a brutal blow, but it was actually a groin shot. oops! referee herb dean stepped in, and duoji had a premature celebration. luckily, he stayed in control and took home the win. #MMA #FightNight12

fightingfanatic July 19, 2023 - 7:43 am

omg! did u see that? banma duoji totally wrecked walter goncalves with a painful shot! poor dude couldn’t handle it. but duoji got too excited and celebrated early! classic mistake. luckily, he still won tho. #lowblow #victorydance


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