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Esquiva Falcao, Olympic Boxing Champ, Clarifies Controversial Sparring Comments, Asserts ‘Nate Diaz isn’t Suited for Boxing’

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Esquiva Falcao's Comments on Nate Diaz's Boxing Skills

Esquiva Falcao, the Olympic medalist, is holding firm to his opinion that Nate Diaz lacks a solid boxing foundation. He anticipates a difficult bout for the seasoned UFC contender, as Diaz prepares to go toe-to-toe with YouTuber and emerging boxer Jake Paul this Saturday in Dallas.

Earlier in June, Falcao released a video on Instagram shortly after sparring with Diaz, dubbing him “out of shape” and saying it appeared as if he was on his last legs. Chris Avila, Diaz’s training partner, later retaliated on The MMA Hour, alleging that Falcao had been thoroughly defeated.

In an interview with MMA Hook, Falcao explained that his video was not an attempt to insult Diaz, but a response to the inquiries from fans about Diaz’s boxing skills.

“Diaz isn’t skilled in boxing, it’s simply not his strength,” Falcao expressed. “I respect him as a tenacious fighter, a great jiu-jitsu practitioner with a well-known reputation, but his boxing abilities are subpar.

“It wouldn’t be honest for me to proclaim his boxing skills as impressive, or to suggest that he could become a world champion given enough effort. He’s just not good at it. If he were to partake in a boxing tournament, his success would depend heavily on the caliber of his opponent. That being said, he does possess a fighting spirit and isn’t afraid of a brawl. But when it comes to technique, he falls short.”

Diaz is preparing to make his boxing debut this Saturday, following a lengthy career in MMA. Meanwhile, Paul aims to recover from his maiden boxing defeat against Tommy Fury, after victorious bouts against notable figures like Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and Ben Askren.

“Jake Paul packs a punch and has demonstrated impressive power in the ring,” Falcao commented. “He’s managed to KO almost every former UFC fighter he’s squared off against. Even though Diaz can withstand a considerable beating, I don’t believe he’ll be able to manage Paul. I’m predicting a KO by Jake Paul, given that Diaz tends to keep his guard low and heavily relies on his chin and punching strength.”

Regarding his sparring round with Avila, who alleges that Falcao “fell short in each round”, the boxer with a record of 30-1 retorted, “If that’s the case, Avila should then be on his way to becoming an Olympic medalist and world boxing champion, right?”

“Avila can claim victory in a jiu-jitsu match, as it’s not my forte. But when it came to boxing, he couldn’t land a hit,” Falcao elaborated. “My coach instructed me to pull my punches during our sparring rounds so I could last through six to eight rounds. If we boxers unleash our full power, they wouldn’t be able to keep up, they’d tap out. The pace is on another level.

“If I were to engage in jiu-jitsu training with them, they would have to tone it down as it’s not my strong suit. Avila might claim that he defeated an Olympic medalist to boost their image, which is fine. But what I can assert is that I went twelve rounds with Nate Diaz and then another six with Avila. Diaz posed a greater challenge than Avila. I had to go easy on Avila due to his lighter build, ensuring I lasted through my designated sparring rounds.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Esquiva Falcao’s Comments on Nate Diaz’s Boxing Skills

Who has Esquiva Falcao criticized for their lack of boxing skills?

Esquiva Falcao has criticized Nate Diaz for his lack of boxing skills.

What was Esquiva Falcao’s response to Chris Avila’s allegations?

Esquiva Falcao asserted that in boxing, Avila couldn’t touch him. He stated that his coach asked him to go light on Avila so he could complete his sparring rounds.

Who does Esquiva Falcao predict will win the boxing match between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul?

Esquiva Falcao predicts that Jake Paul will win the boxing match against Nate Diaz.

What did Esquiva Falcao say about Nate Diaz’s boxing technique?

Falcao said that Diaz is not good at boxing, adding that his success in a boxing tournament would depend heavily on his opponent.

Who does Esquiva Falcao believe was the tougher sparring partner, Nate Diaz or Chris Avila?

Esquiva Falcao believes that Nate Diaz was a tougher sparring partner than Chris Avila.

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